• My grandfather is a Chiropractor, he still gives me adjustements at 86, before that he was a teacher/principle and a pilot in the war :0)
  • my grandfather was an auctioneer.
  • All my grandparents have died. My mother's father, whom I never knew, worked on trains. My father's father was an iron worker and welder/shaper.
  • My grandfather grew up on a farm and was first a pilot in WW2, after that he worked as a seismologist for a few of the oil companies (geophysics I think they called it then, however). Got tired of the constant travelling and being away from the wife & kids so quit and went back to farming. Edit: For some reason the second half of this, my grandmother's story, didn't post :(. Trying again... Grandmother met grandfather one night when he and a few of the other guys snuck out of the hospital (he got shot down and pretty well battered during the Coral Sea battle) for a night on the town. Same sort of background, grandmother was farm girl as well. Her profession was raising the kids and helping out on the farm, which amounts to a full time job in and of itself.
  • One grandfather was a journalist- he worked on a daily broadhseet in Amsterdam from 1923 - as they have their archives on line, I have been able to access some of the pieces he wrote! My other gradnfather fought in WW1, then returned home and joined the Harbour Police - however he died when my father was just 14. Neither grandmothers ever worked, although one of them was a ladies' companion for a while - she did not need to work, but needed something to fill her day.
  • small business owner on one side and furniture factory foreman for the other.
  • Paternal GF: School teacher Maternal GF: Violin player Both grandmothers were housewives.
  • one of my grandfathers was a crane operator and the other one was in the navy, then he became a house painter. My one grandmother was a homemaker and the other grandmother cut fine crystal
  • ... grain & cattle farming in central Saskatchewan ... ... mother's side, near Birch Hills & Crystal Springs ... ... father's side around Big River ...
  • My dad's side~Grandma was a house wife and grandpa worked for the Highway Dept. for 50 yrs before retiring. +5
  • My Grandfather Was an Entrepreneur and did Sales, Structure Design and Inspection of completed large projects- He helped design bridges and city transportation systems that worked so good that the Profiteers ripped them all out so they wouldn't compete but 50 years later one of those companies (GM) had all that profit Evaporate and now is getting bailed out. Gee- I guess it didn't work!
  • Owned a Dry cleaners Custodian at Cal Poly Pomona Gambler Died in WWII
  • Farmers.....
  • Built airplanes
  • Mums side, Grandad Royal Airforce, Gran farmers daughter, they retired as florest. Dads side Grandad Great Weatern Railway engineer, Nan home maker. Cheers CT.
  • State of Alabama Alcohol Beverage Control Board. He operated in South Alabama and busted moonshiners and stills. Sometimes there were shootouts.
  • My Grand Father was in the irrigation Dept and my grandmother was a housewife!
  • My grandfather was a judge and my grandmother was a model.
  • I know my grand parents on my dads side ran a post office.I am not sure what my grand dad on mums side did for a crust but i know that he died fighting in the middle east leaving my grandmother 11 children to raise.Sadly i never met any of them.
  • I honest you this is true: Granny was a homemaker. Pappaw was an engineer. Their first born (of 13) died when she was two. He hit the bottle. When I was a kid he was the town drunk.
  • One Grandfather was a train engineer and the other owned a hardware store (and both were also farmers of livestock, fruits and veggies for their families).
  • On my mothers side: My grandmother did precision sharpening on surgical scalpel blades, back when they were hand sharpened. My grandfather was a trouble shooter for Studebaker. On my fathers side: My grandmother was a house cleaner. My grandfather was a wife and child beating alcoholic layabout who lived off my grandmother meager wages.
  • My paternal Grandfather was a steam-fitter, my Grandmother a housewife. . My maternal Grandfather was a Peace Officer (his preferred term) in a small town. My Grandmother was a telegraph operator and later a school teacher.
  • On my Mom's side, my Grandpa was a chef at a snazzy hotel and his wife owned and ran a beauty pageant. With 7 kids, she hardly ever had to hire anyone. On Dad's side, my Grandpa was the superintendent of an apartment building and his wife was a housewife.

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