• why are people racist???
  • When we don't behave as others do, that calls into question the rules by which they live their lives. This can be very threatening, and so they attack. Change can be very intimidating to many people, even though it's the one certain thing in life.
  • You mean like this question? Well, I think you just answered it, didn't you.
  • Judge others that you may judge yourself. And then don't tell them. They get to do the same judging on their own.
  • Generally, because they believe that the other person's decisions are negatively impacting the first person's life, however indirectly. Maybe person B is smoking pot. Person A might think B will loose his job and thus not contribute taxes or productivity. A better question might be, why the hell do you care if someone else judges you? Either you agree with them, in which case you should change, or else you disagree with them, in which case you should ignore it.
  • I try not to do that,judge others.Especially when I might not have all the facts.
  • I wonder about this too. When I see folks who seem so willing and eager to judge others...well it bothers me. Even more so when those who presume to judge claim to speak for God. I think we would be all be much better off if we applied the same judgments to our own lives as we did to others. If God doesn't approve then God can deal with it right?
  • Amen I agree!! You sound like me about the stuff under the carpet, it makes no sense for some one that is not paying my bills or my taxes to tell me what they think of what I am doing or living. There is a guy that lives close, way too close, that is like that and if your dog goes in his yard he calls the police asap, but his wife can curse out your kids and its ok so its all around us , unfortunately,, and I feel you and completely understand,, and I love Captain Harleys answer , he hit it on the head!
  • Remove the plank from your eye before you retrieve the speck from your brothers. matthew 7:5
  • I think those people find it less painful to look at and judge other people's lives than to take a good look at their own.
  • Good question!! :D
  • I wish more people would feel and think that way!!! I feel the same. If more people concentrated om their own lives, and just let other people live their own, more people would be happy with theirs lives
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  • I was just about to say I judge nobody but that would be a lie. My pill popping sister is now living right next door & the reason why I judge her is because she's played me for the fool for too many years
  • I just tend to apply the same standards to them as they apply to everyone else. Some folks have no life. For some reason they can only feel comfortable directing others.
  • It's like that Gary Allen song, "...she aint got enough of her own business, now she gotta go mindin mine..."
  • This is exactly what this world has come to. No absolute truths. If someone wants to have sex with a child we should ignore it and not judge them? If some one wants to beat his wife we should let them live their lives and not judge what goes on in their home? There has to be laws and there has to be boundaries to everything. To say something is wrong or something is that being judgmental? The consequences of others affect all of us. We are all interconnected in one way or another.
  • You and me both. Thats the biggest mystery for me. I think most people should just grow up and get over themselves.
  • I definitely agree, our life can be changed in a matter of hours by people who don't even know us. As Mother Terese once said "If you judge people, you will have no time to love them"...
  • The answer is we shouldn't. However, let me give you an analogy. Most people suffer from what I call the "Jerry Springer Syndrome." Ask yourself this question: Why does anyone watch that show? It is more or less people acting like trash, yet it has been on the air for years. Here is why in my opinion. People love watching dysfunctional families and commenting on how idiotic they behave and "judging them." The reason this occurs is because we love to convince ourselves that no matter what is going on in our own lives, there are always worse people. We use the tradegy of others to make us feel better about ourselves. You are one hundred percent correct. The world would be a better place if we all minded our own business.
  • Damm Straight!!! lol
  • Because it takes a village and all that. What one person does (especially when it comes to misconduct) definitely has the potential to effect others. If you drink and drive, you may kill or injure someone else. If you have unprotected sex, you can infect other people with stds. If you get drunk, you can destroy another person's evening, health or even property. If you talk too loudly, it annoys someone else. If you smoke, someone else may have an allergic reaction. If you become an addict, we (society) becomes responsible for you.
  • OMG! you have s__t under your carpet!? GROSS!!! can i see? it's easier to "virtual"(meaning other people) manage life, that's why the sims are sooooooo popular.
  • I am 100% with you on this I also think to myself that they constantly behave like this because whilst they are busy judging others they don't have to look at themselves.

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