• rest and sleep. try not to move the sore area.
  • drink a protein shake before working out
  • soak in a really hot bath with a couple of cups of white vinegar in it.
  • Time heals all wounds, well SOME physical wounds it won't. But you just have to wait it out, trust me, it's worth it. You can take a relaxing bath, but that will only temporarily ease the pain, basically, you have "ripped" your muscles, and they are now growing back stronger than before.
  • The BEST way to prevent soreness after exercise is to make sure you warm up and then stretch before exercise and cool down then stretch again after exercise. A good warm up should consist of about 10-15mins of light exercises followed by 10-15mins of stretching which involves the same muscle groups that you are going to be using during your main bout of exercise (e.g. if you are going to be playing some sort of sport that involves running, then you should do some light jogging so that your leg muscles temperature rises - due to increased blood flow in that area - in doing so, you allow your muscles to become more flexible and can then start doing some stretches which will reduce any stiffness/tightness in the joints/muscles). The same rule applies for cooling down. Once you have completed your main exercises you should spend about 10-15mins focusing on light to moderate exercises followed by the same amount of time spent stretching the targeted muscle group (in this case the legs - quads, hamstrings, calves etc.). By ensuring you do this each time you exercise heavily, you will eventually become more flexible and will no doubt find that you become stronger and better at the exercise you are performing. 'Lactic acid' (a by-product of oxygen and ATP?) builds up in your muscles as you exercise, causing you to feel fatigued, so, to get rid of that by-product you must ensure you warm up, stretch and cool down then stretch so that it can disipate from the body. Also, by drinking moderate amounts of water while exercising and plenty of water ( 2L> ) after exercise, you will help your body flush away the lactic acid. Protein and Creatine can also assist in recovering muscles as muscles themselves produce creatine to create energy and feed from protein to recover and rebuild. You have heaps of muscle fibres in your muscles which 'split' when they are worked hard enough. When lifting weights (short version), your muscle fibres split and your muscle grows. In order for your muscles to recover, you need to supplement them with 'protein' which is found in many foods like beef, fish and even soy beans. To wrap it up as I have elaborated a little bit, eat healthly, drink plenty of water and most importantly WARM UP/COOL DOWN and STRETCHHHH!!!! I know it was long but I hope it answers your question in full :D
  • Hot bath, Ibuprofin and tiger balm on the main muscles that are hurting. Tiger balm is like Ben Gay or Icy Hot but cinnamony and smells amazing while it heats up the areas that are sore. It is a counter-irritant.
  • during a hard work out your muscles build up lactic acid which is responsible for making you sore the next day. after that hard work out take a cold bath for about 15 minutes. the cold water will tighten your muscles and get fresh nutrient rich blood flowing. the fresh blood will wash away the lactic acid and you wont be sore the next day, it really does work
  • G'day Roshi, Thank you for your question. The best way is to do cool down exercises after you finish. You should allow 10 minutes of cool down exercises for each hour. A good therapeutic massage can be good as well as well as a good bath with bath oils. Painkillers such as aspirin and ibuprofen can help as well. I have attached sources for your reference. Regards Family Doctor The Stretching Handbook My Doctor About fitness
  • Hi, Epsom salt baths work wonders. Add approx 1 cup of salt for every 60 lbs of your body weight. Fill the tub with water as warm as you can comfortably take it. Do not use soap as this reduces the amount of minerals your body will absorb from the salt. Soak for approx 20 minutes. When your done, lather on some lotion to prevent dry skin and if you can, lie down under covers to retain your body heat for at least 20 minutes.
  • pain relievers, heating pads, and stretching
  • You will be sore in the beginning. So your body just needs to adapt to the activities that your doing. Also taking a protein shake AFTER a work out is good. Protein will help repair the mucles to reduce the pain. If pain continues, then it is more than likely that you are using the incorrect technique. The most important rule of exercising is never to jerk! it puts alot of strain on the body and could cause permanent damage. Stretching before and after workouts can also prevent this. However if this does not work, then jump in a heated pool and just walk around briskly for about 30 minutes, do a few stretches in there. It has helped me alot. And also! most importantly make sure to get plenty of rest.

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