• I have done this before, slept with a girl and figured she was to hot for me so I never called her again. Figured she was just having pitty sex.
  • maybe you're dressing or acting like a slut, or leading the guys on. Also, where are you "going out"? Bars? Clubs? That's were where guys go to pick up bar trash. If you want to meet a nice guy, don't go "out" looking for one
  • One thing I can say for sure is don't sleep with anyone the first time you go out unless all you want is sex. Men want the sex but they just don't respect you as much if you just give it up on the first date. Get to know them a little. My grandmother always used to say "why buy the cow when the milk is free"
  • It is definitely something you're doing. I would take Violet's advice on this one.
  • Probably is something you're doing. Perhaps you need to stop having sex so readily. For lack of a better term- such is considered to be 'easy'. And by being easy, that's considered to be all you want. It's the dudes who continue to show you attention even after you've turned down sex, that you're supposed to be interested in.
  • I always agree with Violet, however there is nothing wrong with meeting people at clubs or bars. If you are out very late however I do agree that generally all a guy is going to want is sex (most gal's as well for that matter). If you go to a better class of place say early evening you can meet some sincere guy's. I do agree with V and Timjon though, do not give yourself up so readily, that is one of the reason's. How are you dressing? Try more serious communication and get to know someone better. Let the guy wait and let a "relationship" develop first! It would also help with the answer to know the age range you are talking about.
  • It depends where you are meeting the guy if you are finding them in bars or clubs most of the guys their are just looking to get laid and not a relationship
  • maybe its trying to attract a mate as you put it for more than just sex tho. i still dont think the term slutty clothes means anything. clothes are clothes. the only way a person is a slut is if they think they are in my oppinion. nothing to do with the close they wear.
  • im not religious, so prob would not be a good idea in the long run would probably cuase rows. i said i have done differnt night courses in hobbies im interested in to no avail. same as for shops ect.its been a year and a half since i split with my ex and the only guy i felt i made a connection with since had a girlfriend.
  • Send pictures, I'll let you know.

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