• No, we wanted our son to be his own person ... so we gave him his own name!
  • Only the middle names of our two youngest. My sons middle name is my fathers first name and my daughters middle name is my grandmothers first name.
  • Yes... using the irish naming system: 1st son named after the Father's Father. 2nd son named after the Mother's Father. 3rd son named after the Father. 4th and subsequent sons named after favourite uncles. - 1st daughter named after Father's Mother. 2nd daughter named after the Mothers Mother. 3rd daughter named after the Mother. 4th and subsequent daughters named after favourite aunts.
  • Sadly, I have no children as of yet, but I plan to name my first girl after my grandmother and my wife's grandmother's name. I myself, have a middle name to honor my great grandfather.
  • i grew up where children are named after especially loved deceased family members as an honor to them - so just the first letter of my sons first name and first letter of his middle name is in remembrance of my mother and grandmother.- his dad was fine with that, too.
  • Only in their middle names. Our first son has my name and my daughter has a girl's version of my late father in law's
  • My son's first name is Jason, named after Jason of the the Argonauts and the Golden Fleece in Greek mythology & his middle name of Daniel came from his father's family.
  • Part of my daughters name is from my dad's name he died when I was 16. Her name is Kendall and my dad's name was Kenneth. My son is named after my husbands cousin who died of lukemia (?) at the age of 22.
  • My daughter has my middle name (which is also my mother's middle name). My oldest son was named after his father's father. My youngest child has my father's first name as a middle name.
  • my nephew is named mason taylor ..... my father is a mason and his other grandad is a tailor
  • We don't have kids,but my brother,dad and grandpa all share the same name.I named a dog I had that same name and it was pretty funny when the four of them got together.;)
  • My son is named after my father....
  • No, but I found that there was a distant relative with my daughter's name.
  • No. I made a point of not doing that. My son is the first person in I could not tell you how many gererations to have his own name. He has thanked me more than once.

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