• I think that right now, just my children.
  • my 2 children
  • To my loving mother and my wonderful children. Both morally and financially
  • Myself about future.
  • My cat and da bills....
  • I, as we all are, beholden and obligated to the many layers of government that seek endlessly to remove individuals of all wealth. City, County, State, and Federal officials will, inevitably, have enough slaves to just barely power the MASSIVE government machine they are still in the process of building :-) Taking the time to add up EVERY single tax you pay, on every single item you own or use, comes to bout 60-65% of any persons income, and it usually, when increasing as fast as it has, does not plane out until 90-92% (this occured just prior to the Kennedy administration). That is the point at which the slaves revolt :-)
  • Do not like to feel obliged. I choose instead.
  • Myself and, unless I fall down a flight of stairs real quick, a baby boy.
  • To your children at least until they are old enough to leave home and support themselves and to your parents who might need help now because they are too old to support themselves.
  • my job,and the church..
  • Myself - my immediate family - the rest of the family my country Beyond that, anyone or anything I "sign up" to be so obligated. Something with or for a friend, for example. To a bank to pay the house mortgage. In the days when I was still working, I was certainly obligated to my employer to go to work if I wanted a pay check in return. lol On big and tiny levels, we make committments or give our word. Then, in my mind, we've freely obligated ourselves to follow through on those promises. (Edited answer to fix a couple of spelling errors. What else is new??? Need a new keyboard. lol)
  • Now! My Bed!! goodnight all! NUNYA ;-)x
  • My wife whom I gave my promises to. My children whom I've sired. My cats who adopted me.
  • Myself: To take care of myself My kids: To tell them the truth when they won't believe it nor do it To family: To let old wounds heal and love anyway To strangers: To not treat them unfairly b/c I don't know their life story
  • My husband to love and honor til death do us part. And my children who wouldn't be here without me. Me, to always do the right.
  • Lol Ug!!! mouse seemed to fit at the time, in hindsight I should have called her Ripper!! :-/

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