• I am sure someone would take you seriously. That is like saying that people think pretty people are dumb, and that is not true. It is a generalisation. Must just be the class that you are teaching.
  • Go with it and absorb as much as you can about whichever era of history you enjoy the most. I was in the same boat in High School, my favorite subject was WWII. I was very lucky to meet a guy who enjoys it as much as I do, now 6 years into our relationship we often have stimulating conversations about historical events and its great to feel like I know a little more than he does - even if I am a girl. You aren't weird, so don't even think you are. :)
  • There are plenty of women historians and teachers and chronologists and whatnot, so those people should be ignored. Pursue your passion and fuck em. If you want to get into college or uni, all you need is the money, they'll accept anyone who has it. (And good grades.) People's perceptions don't matter.
  • Dont worry about anyone eles, dont let thier ignorance stop you from doing what you love.
  • Study like hell, and take advantage of them underestimating you.
  • Publish your papers using only your first initial, so they can't tell.
  • If some people make irrational judgments about you, then you can't do much other than your best. Really, it depends on what you mean by not being taken seriously.
  • lol Do you think you are pretty??? well.. beauty is differently defined by beholder's eyes you may be not beautiful to me because american's standard of beautiful women doesn't match with mine (i'm living very far from america) BTW, if you want to study history, first of all, u need to get the hell out of whole school books and text book which is full of biased bunch of frauds. there are many different point of view on each historically important events. you should pathfind your own view on them.
  • Become knowledgeable about History, speak softly with the truth when asked and don't worry if they take you seriously or not. That is their problem.
  • Don't worry about whether or not they take you seriously.The people that count,will :)
  • Hit yourself repeatedly in the face with a shovel? Just continue studying hard and prove them all wrong, you may have to put up with crap for a few years but think of the long term and strive to be better than all of them; revenge is a dish best served cold and all that.
  • Who cares what other people think? If no one takes you seriously, then ignore those people. It's their loss.
  • Look the part, people love stereotypes, wear glasses dress conservatively put your hair in a bun/up-do use your make-up to make yourself look a little "older" --- I know what you mean about [young, pretty, girl = idiot]. I had to deal with that attitude for awhile, then I started to get grey hair and suddenly I got taken more seriously.
  • Be a teacher. They would have to listen to you.

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