• Me..the pet :D
  • The person. It is sad but true: The pet, usually a stray dog, is probably the only creature in this world who really cares about him....his best and only friend.
  • Homeless people have pets both for companionship and protection. I have been homeless myself, and I am a homelessness activist. The amount of abuse, contempt, and all-too-often violence directed at the homeless cannot be believed until you've experienced it. Once you're homeless, you exist outside of the system. Police can and do beat you up just for looking poor, and there's nothing you can do about it. Young girls on the street get raped and the police don't believe them, don't care, or both. Or are the ones who raped them. An animal, particularly a dog, can mean the difference between life and death on the street. When I see a homeless person with a pet, I don't feel sorry for either of them. I am glad to see that the two have come together for mutual aid and protection.
  • The homeless person..I am however glad he/she is not alone..
  • I feel sorry for the pet the most - they did not ask to be in this situation, but it's no fun for the person either. I am sure no one wants to be in this kind of situation.
  • the other people that have to walk through the dog poop that no one cleans up.
  • The nicest and friendliest dogs I've ever seen were all owned by punks. That said, I feel sorry for them when their pet gets taken away to be euthanized because they apparently can't "take care" of it. That sucks for the dog just as much.
  • the pet cuse the person should keep the pet safe.
  • Really, both. One magnifies the sadness I have for the other. I feel sorry for the homeless person with a pet because I like people who like animals, and being an animal lover myself, I empathize with him/her. I think "a person who has the room in his/her heart for an animal can't be a bad person." I also feel sorry for the pet, because I know it is also in a bad situation, but its loyalty to its owner despite the circumstances endears me even more to it as an animal. Hello my friend. Hope you are doing good. :)
  • The person. The pet has someone who loves him and is caring for him...the homeless person is looked down upon by others and is more often than not insulted, ignored or attacked.
  • deep down the homeless person only has the dog so just in case he is about to starve he can cook up the dog and have food for a couple days...i don't know what you are all talking soup?
  • I actually feel happy when I see a homeless person with a pet. I live in a town heavily corroded with bums, vagabonds, hobos, and other unsavory sorts. There's actually a couple that panhandles a block down the road and have this really pretty dog and I feel good when I see it because they have someone, and the dog actually looks healthy so they're obviously taking care of it. I've seen some of the amounts of money panhandlers get though and for that, I don't feel sorry for them at all. I was walking to work where I get paid 9 dollars an hour, and this bum on the corner, in my 2 minute walk to work I saw a bum pull in 2 paper bills, (not change) and a 10 dollar gift card to Starbucks. That's well over what I make in an hour.
  • ive seen homeless people with pets, i dont have a job and have wanted a pet and ive felt sometimes like if they can do it so can i

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