• One who does not behave in the same way as others. Though to that person, they are being completely normal, so who are we to judge and say they are oddballs :)
  • myself...we stand outside the lines of convention. We are outside the box thinkers and we dont have time for silly games or attitudes that bring everyone down.
  • "Odd ball" is a very relative phrase. What's odd to me might be very "normal" to someone else. It's all a perception ... and who's to say what's odd anyway really?
  • The one who is talking but no one standing near them for him/her to be talking to.
  • To whom ever took the time to downrate my question and not leave an answer i will have you know that i consider myself to be a little bit of an odd ball and proud of it.Shows how ignorant some people are.Jerk.
  • Someone who doesn’t conform to the majorities mind set, e.g. I myself am considered to be a bit of an odd ball by some of my work colleagues!! Some one asked me the other day how I managed my credit card dept and overdrafts! When I replied I had neither a credit card or an overdraft facility some people didn’t believe me! When I explained the only dept I have is my mortgage they again thought I was joking and one guy actually called me weird!! Go figure!! :-/ it must be considered to be quite normal by the majority IMO to be up to your eyes in dept and pay all your monthly earnings on overdrafts & loan repayments!!?? Then live off your credit cards?? I’d sooner save for what I need or do without & have money in the bank still, is this way of thinking really so weird?? :-/
  • Any one who does not conform to what society considers "The Norm" is an Odd Ball. But remember that Thomas Edison, Enstien and Tesler were major odd balls until they changed the world.
  • All the ones that are not even balls.
  • The Jerry Lewis type.
  • they're like an outsider. they just don't fit in with everyone else.... or everyone's paried up & you're left all alone without one.
  • Just come and watch me for a day or two and you will be certain.
  • Look up the word 'oddball' in the dictionary.. if you see a picture of yourself as an illustration of 'oddball'..well what would that tell ya?
  • Look at my picture and you'll see one.

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