• kids are spoiled these days, they need the occasional smack on the ass. they're rude because they were never taught to be polite.
  • Beat the crap out of them and lock them in the closet. LOL. But really why not?
  • Yes alot are, it has alot to do with parenting and making sure your children have respect.
  • Educate the parents. Why is it that the goverment wants to spend more money on education, because they are already aware of it! For some reasons though, people don't get it! They are hoping the schools will take over the parents jobs.
  • Kids ARE more rude these days because their parents aren't teaching them MANNERS ect as they grow up ... These days , parents just plop their kids down in front of a tv or / and video game and let them be ... They just wait and hope the school does THEIR job so they don't have to . By the time they realize their kids are ill mannered little heathens ; it is TOO LATE.
  • Yes, I do and I doubt it will get turned around. I was reading the top 25 things that will no longer be around.. typewriters ..checks.. etc and customer service was on the list!!! No Lie! I think it will only get worse.. More and more women are working.. their kids are being raised by stressed out babysitters/friends/etc .. More divorces.. more children going through emotional trauma. More spoiling as parents (not all) use material things to take the place of actual family time. All kinds of ingredients are going into this change. Music, movies, (all things we all enjoy, support and defend because it is "fun" no matter the cost.. obviously. Technology (while good in some areas is destructive in others).. Yep! We are a stressed out society.
  • kids nowadays are way out of control.. i think the teachers should go back to the way it was when I was a kid. Teachers were allowed to yell at us and discipline us without any lawsuits... kids nowadays would not survive in my times in school
  • Yes they are and no child is born rude or badly behaved. ALL behaviour is learned. Until parents start taking control and instill good manners, respect and discipline into their children from a very early age, it will only get worse. I feel desperately sorry for the teachers and schools at what they have to put up with (have worked in primary school and seen this first hand). Their hands are tied - they are powerless to do anything. I was recently at a theme park with my son (11) and a partially sighted friend of his. The attendant let them stay on the ride rather than queue up again for obvious reasons. A gang of teenage girls started shouting at them, I politely pointed out the reasons why they were allowed to stay and I received a mouthful of colourful language myself. Their parents must be so proud.
  • yes b/c most kids' parents are young so they learn everything threw them and the media. for example, my cousin's 6 year old daughter was talking about birthday sex! lol what is this world coming to?
  • Yes I agree. and to help we should ease up on the laws that prevent parents to properly discapline their children. Also parents should stop trying to be their childrens buddy and start acting like parents.
  • I agree many are. I know many of the kids in my school act rude because of the way their parents act. Almost as though THEY would rather be in high school instead of a parent. Some are rude because they feel that being nice would let their guard down and they would be vulnerable to someone's attacks. I'm not sure what can be done. Maybe start selling male birth control pills like they do in Europe? +3
  • children are more disrespectful these days because their parents are more disrespectful than ever before. husbands and wives don't respect each other in the home with polite language and behavior, parents show disrespect for their bosses by criticizing them in front of their children, or the child's teacher or the police or even the President! and it takes work to train a child to be polite, respectful, and well-behaved and with both parents working hard just to pay all the debt they have, there is very little energy left to properly train a child, and the daycare provider doesn't have the time to individually train each child. what can be done is each family needs to decide for themselves whether child-rearing is important enough for both of the parents to devote time to task. it requires sacrifice, a very unpopular word in this day and age, but it can be done.
  • No. I see no more rude behaviour today then when I was a child.
  • My vote is also for slap daddy
  • Yes, but drugs and alcohol are also more accepted these days among youth. There are many reasons but really there is not something realistic that will be done, it is the way of the county and you need to recognize what you cannot change. Do you think I would enjoy putting my elbow into the faces of the countless fools who contribute to the death of our language with the misuse of the word "like"? One reason also is the digitized nature of today's youth, I am one of the few people I know that refuse to use text messages when I wish to communicate. I enjoy actual speech and not acronyms exchanged with my friends.
  • They most definately are. I sub taught for years and when I started kids would mind and work hard and listen. The last few years I did it kids would actually say "I won't work and you can't make me" (at 12-13). People have no idea what teachers really deal with and everyone should go into the school and work. It's eye opening.The problem is kids are not being taught respect and they are not disciplined. I can tell you within 5 minutes who is disciplined and who isn't.

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