• If it wasn't for the phenomenon of life, the nature of creation in the womb; They would bother me too. They're disgusting and hideous. ....
  • i totally agree, they all look the same to they are the most irritating little creatures...
  • Having a baby is the young girl's way of not having to work for a living and more of them are doing it and then the baby is really not loved or cared for, just a way of getting free money and being lazy but yet she will not miss a night of party at the club.
  • I love babies! As a matter of fact mine are getting out of the baby stage so I want more! They are just so innocent and cuddly.
  • that's a weird atitude. but you can have any opinion you want, i know.
  • Yeah well there is someone who has something to convey to you about that:
  • Don't have any. The ones who fuss over them like babies. Easy peasy. Everyone does not have to like babies you know. It's okay not to..there is no rule you're breaking! :) Happy Thursday! :)
  • They are the epitome of near perfection. If you want to know what its like to meet somebody who has never done anything wrong in life, never insulted somebody, never hurt your feelings, never stole, never cursed, then hold a baby. I have two, wouldn't change a thing about it either. Its an honest question, just do yourself a favor and wear a rubber or get yourself snipped. If a baby bothers you that much, then don't be negligent and go out and have one, they don't deserve it. +4
  • I am not sure, my son looked a little like ET when he was a baby..
  • I'm a mom and with another on the way. First of all - pregnancy is a nightmare. Secondly, the whole oogly googly thing is 97% fantasy. Really, they're little people with their own personalities that you have to get to know and judge 1 by 1 like everyone else big or small. Some are cute, some are not. Some have great personalities, some do not. Big, little, tall, short, baby, elderly -- irrelevant. The whole instant love connection is 100% mental. Reality is, a baby (just like a toddler, adult, etc...) can be ugly, annoying, etc. Somehow we are convinced that babies do not have motives. Who are we to know? We assume based on our limited human logic. So I cannot say you are wrong for having an opinion. I have liked my babies. I don't like everyone's baby. Baby's are just little people.
  • I used to feel the same way, but now that all my friends have babies, it's different now.
  • Babies are only cute when they are your own. I speak as a father.
  • It becomes different if are yours. And after you have had one or if your clock kicks in, then you feel the need to fuss. It is survival instinct to desire them when you are in that frame of mind.
  • I'm the same way, I TOTALLY agree, so sick of it. Of course, I don't have one, so I'm sure I'll think differently some day :-)

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