• yeah, it's kinda true. However do not worry about learning all gadgets, just learn about one when you need it, and you will be fine.
  • Welcome to the club
  • Yes, and I don't think it has anything to do with age (I am 50, btw, lol)...just has to do with the fact that it is now possible, using the technological knowledge we already have, to advance faster and faster; we cannot keep up with ourselves! I have gotten to the point where I am afraid to buy anything brand new, because it will be obsolete by the time I get it home and figure out how to use it...too much knowledge is a dangerous thing, lol...(she says as she tries to figure out how to get the stupid puter to install the latest adobe without freezing everything else up)
  • Yes. I'm 25 and I think it's passed me years ago. It's too fast and too damn expensive. What do I need an i phone for I mean really....I don't and I don't want one.
  • That's the main reason why I don't bother getting new gadgets anymore. The second I buy buy something, there is already a new-and-improved version out (if it's not cheaper than it'll be more feature-laden). I can also be content with what I have. The turnaround/burnout rate is getting faster as well. The sleek new must-have toy that everybody raves about becomes old news in only a matter of months.
  • I don't think age has anything to do with it my friend. I personally have never been a bells and whistles, current gadget, state-of-the-art hula hoop kinda gal. I like simple, straightforward, unencumbered, classic, sleek and functional. I am not a fan of fads, even if they turn out to be "gotta have one or I'm simply gonna die!" thingy that hangs on forever until the new kid on the block comes on the scene and blows everything else out of the water. It's not my thing, never has been. I like to know what I need to know in order to do what I want to do..that's it. Simple. Uncomplicated. Low-maintenance! Happy Thursday! :) ((hugs))
  • I think it's one of those things where if you really like gadgets, and technology, you will naturally keep up with it (at least the knowledge of it, not by buying them). I'm kind of a tech/science nut, so if I see some new product that seems odd and weird but somehow compelling, I go look it up on the net and figure out what it is and how it works. By doing this, you find a lot of the limitations of the device, and how expensive it would be to use. Then almost invariably I decide I don't want one, but I admire the engineering it took to create it. I do have a cell phone, but just about the cheapest one you can get, and the service is only $5/month. Works fine for me.
  • Yes and when I do take the time to learn something new I find that I like it the old way better and go back to the old way. Guessit is my age also.
  • Well if you believe certain people (and I am not saying I don't) the the Law Of Accelerating Change means that technological progress is speeding up exponentially. I think there is some truth in this - Moore's law and so forth. Whether it will tail off is another question (there are good reasons to think it will but good reasons to argue we will find away round the obvious physical limitations we are approaching in microprocessor designs for example). We have seen massive change in our lifetimes. When I was young even having a home computer was not common. Now 20-something years later kids are carrying more processing power in their pockets than was in my first serious computer.
  • No. It's called Darwinism. The world is constantly evolving and those that cannot adapt fall behind. The BIGGEST problem with technology is that most people do not BOTHER to try and understand it. Not too long ago, the only people who owned computers were those that understood them well enough to troubleshoot them when something went wrong. Before that, cars were the same way; ALL car-owners had enough mechanical skill to do at least basic stuff like change spark plugs or change a tire. The real problem is that people have gotten complacent. We like to USE technology, but can't be bothered to LEARN about it, to UNDERSTAND it. I've kept up for the 35 years I've been here and my brain hasn't overloaded yet. Either it's something everybody can do, or I am the next step in evolution.

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