• I am, and what about Jewish slaves?
  • Every race has been enslaved at some point, most of the time far longer than blacks in America, however that it was so recent yes it does sting.
  • i think everyone is at this stage..or at least everyone with sense. i think its disgusting that people were legally used as slaves black, white old, young.
  • Yawn. If you really want to get upset, start paying attention to the present conditions. They're enslaving the middle class under a mountain of debt right now. If you weren't so hung up on the past, you might notice.
  • I am. But I'm even more disgusted with the fact that black people captured and sold other black people to Europeans.
  • All people of all ethnic backgrounds at one time or the other were enslaved. Research the stats on the numbers of humans that are trafficked every year. Slavery is an abomination, but blacks don't own it..learn from history.
  • All people of all ethnic backgrounds at one time or the other were enslaved. Research the stats on the numbers of humans that are trafficked every year. Slavery is an abomination, but blacks don't own it..learn from history.
  • All people of all ethnic backgrounds at one time or the other were enslaved. Research the stats on the numbers of humans that are trafficked every year. Slavery is an abomination, but blacks don't own it..learn from history and move on.
  • My people were enslaved by the Spaniards... Blacks don't have the corner on the market... Slavery is bad no matter what color you are...
  • Jesus! It was horrible but it's over. Can we move on yo?...
  • I would venture to guess that most people are disgusted that it happened..but to just stay in that place does no good. It happened..lots of bad in this world has happened in the past..The past should be left to the past, or you cannot move forward. You cannot end racism if racism is being shoved down the throats of people constantly..You can't move forward..I am saying forget it ever should we forget the holocaust or the bible wars of the past..but not stay in them
  • It has always bothered me yea...that and the fact that the "we" took the land away from the Indians, and stuck them on little plots of good for nothing ground, where the hunting was horrid, and their way of life destroyed.
  • Meh. The point should be that there was slavery and not just that they were black. There were some south americans and whites enslaved too. Just that blacks were the cheaper brand and easier to keep track of.
  • You are looking at it with the eyes of today and not the eyes of the time this was taking place. To us today it is not good but at that time blacks were not even considered human very similar to how the American Indian was looked upon at that time. Hindsight is so much better than foresight. Remember the Hebrews were also enslaved at one time as were almost all races at one time or another. There is still slavery today and one of the worst is white slavery. Young girls being kidnapped raped and forced into prostitution or even very young girls from a few months to 5 or 6 kidnapped and sold so rich men can rape them and then kill them to get rid of the evidence.
  • Count me in. There are two cases that I particularly remember from law school. One I found during a research project on South Carolina law dealing with farm equipment that broke down. I traced the line of cases back as far as I could, from harvesters, to trucks, to tractors, to cotton gins, to McCormick Reapers -- and then I found a case in which a pregnant female slave had been bought and then she lost her baby. Her owner sued the seller for a violation of an implied warranty. Her miscarriage was treated as proof that she was a malfunctioning piece of farm equipment. The second was a case from the United Kingdom, where someone had traveled there from the U.S. and brought a slave with him. The slave sued for his emancipation since slavery was illegal in the U.K. I know I'm going to get part of this quote wrong, but the case went all the way up to the highest court there. And the words handed down by the House of Lords (upholding the slave's claim of emancipation) were: "He who breathes the air of England breathes in freedom." I'm a proud American. But how proud would you be if you could say that quote about your country? I read the court decisions in these cases on the same day, totally by coincidence. But it reminded me that for every horror one group of people commits, you can find an equally inspiring example of what all of us should strive to be.
  • What I dislike about black slavery in particular, is that the bible was misinterpreted to make the black man feel inferior. That is shameful. They called it the mark of Cain, or some Canaan, but yet the Bible shows Cush as being black, and he came from a different family line. Regardless of colour, racism stinks, and the slavery against the blacks was for a better part of it racist in the extreme degree. The Israelites had a slavery system, but the treatment of the slaves must have been different, in that when the period of slavery was over for a slave with his master, he could actually decide he wanted to be a slave forever. He had a choice to stay. Therefore, the slavery there was a different system. I guess much like a contractual working agreement.
  • yes, slavery is disgusting. it is for the most part illegal, but slavery continues to thrive today. it exists in every country in the world (even in the US). there are 27 million slaves in the world (more than ever) and they are cheaper than they have ever been. if you want to do something about it, educate yourself and those around you. a good website is
  • That reminds me of Man's inhumanity to man! Throughout history people have always preyed on weaker folks, even today human trafficking is still going on and little is being done to stop it. In some countries you can still go and buy a person... It's just disgusting !
  • I am disgusted that some people can still be racist after that horrible injustice and think that black people should still be oppressed.
  • well,I am,an old saying I heard "when did u inslave ppl when they whar born FREE..It's also egenst my relgion to abuse slaves(in my relagion actuli slaves at tretet mor like a made rather than a slave,and most recomanded to let them free,so many tings in my relgion that helped seting slaves free,that is whay ther r no more slaves in my socity ages befor any black revalotion ever start..I guess I sad to much that its giting confusing so in short "SLAVERY IS BAD"
  • Thomas Jefferson was a slave owner and did not like the practice. Many of the founders of the constitution did not like the Idea of Slavery. The worlds first Republican President opposed the idea and went to war to end it. It was also the Republicans who fought to give blacks the same rights as whites only to have the Democrats stop it. TWICE!
  • whites were enslaved, chinese were enslaved and still are, blacks get enslaved and everyones in an uproar, yeah, blacks are not special so don't make a big deal about it.
  • Slavery disgust me. Period. No matter the race. Actually, slavery is still around today and often goes unnoticed. People of every race from every country often fall victim to it. Being Black myself, I'd rather focus on the current Human Rights issues (of any race, in any country) than what happened in the past. I'm glad my ancestors made it and I'm obviously less than thrilled it happened but I'm my heart goes out to those who are currently slaves. But yeah, it does disgust me. Not that they were slaves (some were treated bad, some were treated just fine) but the way they were treated. Whenever I hear anything about someone being treated less than human it typically upsets me.
  • Ok so yes it was disgusting, yes it is un-excusable. However... throughout the entirity of history groups of people regardless of skin colour have been enslaved. It is how the world has worked. Black people enslaved each other just as white people have enslaved each other. They were different times, with a different understanding of humanity. Although it is wrong to do that, you can't judge another time and culture by today's time and culture. We just have to make sure it never happens again. .....Despite that, tt does still continue though. Take Africa for instance - Thousands upon thousands of African children and women are being enslaved to this day, often by the people who claim to fight for their rights!

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