• There were some homeless guys trying to shelter under an old porch in a disused building on campus - I was told to tell them to get off property or teh cops would be called. I told the Director that no job was worth it that involved throwing human being out into the rain and dark...and I did get fired but don't regret it.
  • Get on my hands and knees and scrub us semen. I worked at an adult shop.
  • When I was 16 I was a service clerk/bagger at the local grocery store. I am female btw, and, I had to clean the mens' restroom. So so so nasty.
  • Give the boss a BJ.... No I didn't do it...
  • Yes..I always did my job and my first job when I was 15 years old I worked for the Star Telegram delivering newspapers from house to house.
  • every time I have to let some prick get a refund just for being a prick, the customer is NOT always right, but they are where the money comes from, money sucks
  • Put my hands down my boss's pants. And no, I quit
  • Give false data on a report to a funder. NO, I didn't do it. I reported the person who suggested I do it.
  • I've done a lot of things, but it's hard to say they were so bad. I've never been asked to do anything illegal or immoral. I do my job, windows, toilets, whatever.
  • I was working in a shop and i was told to sell food (meat/chicken/pork etc) that was out of date. I couldn't do it and i told the boss that if he didn't take them off the shelf id ring the authorities. It worked =]
  • Get 5 SS#'s per day at least... yep I did for loan applications... I participated in the kind of lending that led to this shit. Oh and I have knocked doors with a smile handing out my business card, that sucked!
  • I was given a flat bastard and told to go outside and file off rust on a 1000 gallon tank to get ready for painting. It was only in the 30's, "cold". Yes i did it. It was do housecleaning type work or take a voluntary lay off. Business picked up and i never got to paint it.
  • I worked on the toll booth of the Golden Gate bridge in College and my boss called me into his office, locked the door, and said "I know you want it" "lets go babay", I just said at the top of my lungs, "I don't want it, and why did you lock the door" "Does your wife know your a pervert or something", then I left and slammed the door so loud, three adjoining offices shook like there was an earth quake. He fired me.
  • I'm a nurse! Too many to write and yes it's my job!
  • Hmmm, most of my jobs are rather dirty anyways and I've never been too squeemish so physical dirt isn't much of a problem, its more along the lines of 'worst thing that happened to me'. When I was still a ramp rat at the airport, occasionally when dumping the lavatory on the #$%&* Airbuses the coupling for the hose on the lav cart would come loose randomly. Considering that you stand almost directly beneath that I'll let you figure out what happened, suffice to say there was a reason I wore the rain gear any time I had to dump the lav. Of course, after cleaning oneself off all that 'stuff' still needs to be cleaned up from the ramp. Squeegee the chunks towards the nearest drain, hose the rest off or else its going to smell mighty ripe out on the ramp after its had a while to bake out in the sun. As for moral quandries, I've been fortunate enough to have bosses and managers for most of my working life that were truly good people.
  • I worked for a company in NJ and was promoted to CT offce mgr and sales mgr for New England. I went up there to survey the area in Meriden and look for a house. The day I got there my bosses back in Clifton told me to FIRE everyone ther and hire new people. Some had been there 30 years. I said Clifton sent there regards wenmto out to lunch and quit. I figured they didn't have the balls to do their own axeing and eventually I'd get the same treatment. I called home and said I'd be home for dinner. No I didn't do it.

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