• The Anglo-American world funds the UN more than anyone else, so they do give the UN it's power.
  • Pres Clinton tried but... Hmmm am not sure why we Americans arent enslaved... Maybe with the giving up of rights as in Germany for the Political - Religion of Islam will be the UNs power...
  • well its a difficult question to answer on a saturday night if you know what i mean, however based on what is actually happening today...26/07/08 i can only see that scenario taking place, ie the war on terror, the suspicious nature of iran, the dislike of zimbabwe and its rulers, the mistrust of oil producing nations (opec)...the rising food costs etc etc the credit crunch/possible recession from one country to another, its all geared up to becoming a "perfect storm"...i think the UN must take control...after all that is why they exist isint it? unite nations, both in ideoligy and in finacial cooperation. if they cant live up to it then why did the BIG nations sign up to it? i am beginning to wonder if we (mankind) have the wherewithall to govern ourselves adequately enough to do seems we can only do harm......its a sad sad situation...who can i vote for>...who can i trust these days?..lets see what the UN does next.
  • I say give the U.N to the world and have the U.S. pull out from it's membership and withdrawal it's funding, the U.N. is already run by the third world and it's dictators, not to mention it is corrupt.

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