• No, not if I had a choice.
  • Yeah I'd take a bullet for Lady Liberty
  • no, nor would i give anyone elses life for it...then again its not my country :)
  • Probably not.
  • our president acts like he dosent love this country, but if it was invaded and it was fight for your country, yes i would fight for my childrens future and shame on the first two answers, for saying no, than they ought to go to anouther country if the U.S.A. isnt worth fighting for. how well would they do there??
  • You have to be more specific. What do you mean by "America"? (Our government? Our territorial integrity? Our ideal? Our oil-fuel imperialist ambitions?) In the above scenarios, my answers would be No, Yes, Yes, No.
  • I spent a lot of years as a Combat Pilot, doing just that. So to answer your question, and to keep this Country safe for future generations. YES
  • "No bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making the other poor dumb bastard die for his country." - George S. Patton
  • I gave my entire career to the military for this country, loving it defending it and retired and got my retirement benefits that they are now slowly cutting away. At one time I would have died for America, but now with all the new immigrants taking over and being taking care of and Americans are dying because of no electricity and not able to afford medicine, but illegal immigrants have great benefits, I would not even defend this country anymore for the immigrant that is president. My America is dead and gone. I will not fight for these immigrants. Hell, they ran from their own country and would not fight, so who in the heck thinks they would fight for America.
    • Roaring
      Unless you are native american, you and I are descendants of immigrants. I see this type of reasoning fed by those that benefit most from keeping the people divided and pointing the finger at each other. Lets look at the for-sale politicians that do the bidding of money interests, capitalists of the worst kind. Thank the 1973 legalization of HMO's making healthcare (sickness) a for-profit endeavor. Trickle down economics has been a repeated failure. Let look at what the hoarders of wealth are doing to influence our policies, and poison us from trusting each other for fear of an uprising. May we all build a greater immunity to the divide-and-conquer propaganda.
    • Hardcore Conservative
      Roaring, even "Native Americans" are descendants of immigrants. Life didn't just pop-up in North America. Anyone that was born here is, technically, a native American.
  • No, I would not. But I would give up my life for my family. Patriots, ask yourself why you love America. You love America because you were born here. You were indoctrinated along those lines. If you had been born in Iran or the Philippines, you would love those countries, and probably be a Muslim.
  • No. But then, I'm not American, either...
  • I wouldn't give it just to give it but I'd be very willing to risk losing it for the safety and well-being of my people. Like we said in the military... "better your enemy gives his life for HIS country than you give your life for yours".
  • Depends..To defend the people of defend the govt of :)
  • Absolutely! I come from a military bunch and any one of us would proudly lay down and die for our country.
  • No To me America is the parent that disapoints you. You are born to them, but become ashamed when you learn more abou the reality of it.
  • I would go into battle for the US...but I would only die for God first, then my family, and then my country.
  • I love America too. With all her faults and short comings she is the best thing going. A lot people in the world dream of coming here to enjoy the freedom and opportunity we take for granted. I would fight for my country. I would do my best to give the other guy the opportunity to die for his country but if I lost my life in that endeavor... so be it. No regrets. This country has been good to me and mine.
  • Yes I would - I was not indoctrinated into anything, but I have a strong belief that this is the best country in the world! We have our problems, but it is still the best. In this country you make your life what it is. If you were born born, you don't have to stay there - you can do anything in this country! I love the USA!
  • This is a hard question for me. I like to think I fight for America in small ways from day to day, on a communal level. However, it's a different question when talking about the armed forces. There is the 'don't ask, don't tell' mindset in the armed forces and I have a big problem with that. I really don't know much about this, but I'm openly gay, and it's quite obvious, too. I wouldn't want to risk being discriminated against/beaten up by a bunch of Army men, if that makes sense. I don't like how the LGBT community doesn't receive equal rights. It's really a slap in the face, which is why I would pack up and move far, far away if there was ever a draft. I have the attitude of, "If you aren't going to protect me, I'm not going to protect you". It seems rather hypocritical to me, and even though I love my country, I would not die for it in a uniform. I would, however, die for it in a way similar to how Harvey Milk died. This is my personal opinion, but he did great, great things for the community he was a part of. He was killed, and in my eyes, he was a different kind of American soldier. If I had to die for my country, I would choose to die while fighting for equality in America.
  • I've been in the military for over a decade but wouldn't do it again with our current postins. It's now the Department of Offense. The only one you should give your life for is your loved ones. If you die for another reason, who is there to protect and support them?
  • Only if it was for the preservation of the Constitution and everything it stands for, not a war to secure influence over resources. I think a death for a sphere of influence is not a death for your country, I think it is a death for capitalist plutocrats who could care less about anyone's life. Don't do something stupid like join the Army or Marine Core. Just steer clear of the military, wait for the fascist to come to your door and defend your freedom from there. They will probably have US emblems on. Vote and ensure you remain free. If you are, then your vote will keep you safe. Just don't buy into the pro war propaganda.
    • Roaring
      Well said
  • not sure since im not really fit for the military
  • Yep. And kill for it.
  • Actually I do to, however there are too many other lovely places as well as the ocean! And I wouldn't like to drown in it at any cost!

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