• It depends on how long w've known each other, the chemistry ect. To be honest i think i'd prefer holding hands and close proximity for the first date, then next date first kiss.
  • All depends on the chemistry you have with the person. It's something you just feel. Sometimes all of those things are appropriate. Sometimes you wouldn't want to do any of them and can't wait to get home. There's really no one set of rules. All depends on the situation and the two people involved.
  • I know i'm not a woman, but if you haven't known them for years (e.g. being good friends) you shouldn't really go further than holding hands or a hug on the first date. All depends on the woman you're dating really. There are no set rules. If she has sex with you on the 1st date and you don't know each other well then it's time to be worried LOL. You might be dating a ho!
  • I like a little tongue action yo:):)
  • well hugs and hand holding is perfectly fine on a first date with me. As far as kisses go, that depends on how the date went. But I don't think a kiss is unacceptable. =)
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  • I don't think I would want any of those things after the first date. We're just getting to know each other and things are just too new. I like it slow and careful. I don't like anything that would speed things along emotionally until I know whether this is truly a person I want to be serious about.
  • A kiss on the cheek or hug is as far as I'll go, or allow a man to go. A first date doesn't determine where things will lead. So don't put yourself out there to soon because you may change your mind shortly after. After spending more time together you'll gradually progress to more.
  • well id say, a hug when you first meet up, just a small one, then a peck on the cheek at the end? but it all depends wether she seems interested during the date, if not then i wouldnt go for the kiss. or just the kiss at the end of the date if se seems interested. hope this helpss x
  • Its a stupid question, i dont get ppl who plan what they will and wont do on a date in advance! just go with the flow, if it happens it happens!! Although id never kiss a guy on i night out that i didnt no, i find guys u meet in clubs are just out to get some!!!
  • If she doesn't like you, she probably won't want you to touch her all. I always felt that it was respectful to not be presumptuous and not try to touch her on the first date. If she goes out with you again, then you know she likes you and you should ASK HER if you can hold her hand, etc.. Be a gentleman...
  • holding hands is a must. it is soo cute. and a kiss depends on the chemistry happeneing. and maybe a little arm around the shoulder action too.
  • I don't "expect" any physical contact during the first date. If I'm not feeling anything for the man, I would be put off if the man tried to hold my hand, kiss me, rub my back, etc. If I am feeling something for the man, then I don't mind ending the date with a desire for more. The end of a first date is ALWAYS awkward for both man and women. He's wondering if he should do anything and she's wondering if he will! I think a handshake at the end of the date is pretty awkward - I've also ended dates with 'just hugs' and those are awkward as well. I think a quick kiss on the cheek is probably the best, regardless of whether you're into the woman or not. The man should prepare an exit line like 'well, I should let you get some sleep' and then lean in with a quick kiss (like you'd kiss your Mom) and back off. Don't linger. Don't stay close. Don't keep talking. Then a quick sign off like 'thanks for the wonderful company tonight'. At that point, if you want to see her again, say so and ask permission to call. If you don't want to see her again, don't say anything, just turn and exit. In any case, if you don't leave right then and the awkwardness makes you keep talking, you'll just face another 'should i kiss her good bye' moment. Better to make her wanting more than to have her wishing you left 30 minutes earlier. Oh And if you don't want to see us again, do NOT lie or tell us that you'll call or email because we WILL wait. I was watching a documentary about male/female attraction and they had some interesting statistics. When a man and a woman had a first meeting, the man - the majority of the time - thought that the woman was into him. The majority of the time, he was wrong. Women, it seems, tend to be very good at disguising their real feelings. So, even if you think a date is going exceptionally well, she may not agree. That's why I think you're better off not making ANY physical contact on the first date (with the exception of a good night 'peck'. ) Then on the second or third date, you can tell her that you all you could think about, during that first date, was touching her. Trust me, we like to hear how much you're into us too. Go for the extra points.
  • I do not expect anything on a first date...I like to be surprised :).
  • That all depends on the chemistry between us... I don't go in expecting anything because I think real emotion is spontaneous and not expected or sought out.

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