• Hmmm...guys love to look at the beautiful girls and fall in love with the brainy ones. I guess it really depends on the guy and what he wants. I've met a lot of brainy girls that are beautiful. Personally, I like the best of both worlds!
  • Depends on which phase of the relationship. In early days beauty is definitely the major factor. For the long haul they should have brains too, elsewise you might as well just masturbate. Then again, nobody likes a smartass. Diplomacy is important too (on both sides).
  • God no. The only type of girl I can fall in love with is a brainy girl, or a witty one :D. Everything else is applicable to beauty :).
  • I like brainy and beautiful too bad its so hard to find girls who are both
  • I - can't speak for others may love {as in the act} to love beautiful girls more than brainy girls if they are also ugly, but if I loved them and they were brainy and I appresiated that about them I most likely would not think of them as ugly. On the other hand if I was making love to a beautiful girl that I did not really care for her personality or her brain if we are using these terms interchangably than the act of making love would be only that and I would not be in love with them. Yes, I am now confused. +5
  • Well if I was to "flip" that question around by saying men instead.....I would say "No"! I love all parts of a man not his looks or his brains. +5
  • i don't know, but if they do, they don't have any true feelings
  • Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!! All women are beautiful! :-/
  • wherever the water table lands, if you think about it, other people tell you about it.
  • In my quest for brain and beauty packed together in 1, I starved.In my quest for brain I was lost and now the only option left and that's available in plenty.So why to try hard when nothings forever?
  • Guys love valuable women more than anything else and unlike women men in general don't value their s/o based on $$$ but on the level of support and direction they can deliver. Any valuable woman can take a bum, illiterate man off the street and turn them into a millionaire in a year. By my standards anything less is a little girl pretending she has what it takes to be a woman. It's not all about having babies I've seen German Sheppard bitches give birth but that don't make that dog a mother or a woman. +2
  • The personality is more important than her looks, but "braininess" isn't the main quality of a person's personality. A woman could be beautiful and brilliant but a lousy person and no one would want her (well I'm sure many guys actually would.) Also, she could be unattractive and unintelligent but still be a good, kind, sweet person and that is way more valuable.
  • I would rather have a beautiful personality girl before I would choose between the two. It enhances the rest of her.
  • What does "brainy" actually mean to You?
  • I know that I love brainy girls more than beautiful ones. Sure, it's nice if a girl is both, but I just can't hold a decent conversation with an unintelligent person... For me it's like talking to a wall...
  • It depends, some men are shallow people only interested in power and sex and go for pretty, dumb girls and others are looking for a beautiful mind more than a beautiful body.
  • I hope that women aspire to be both and not focus on a mans preference
  • As a general rule----YES!
  • if they do they're not worth it, they're probably psycho and those two will probably get a divorce once you've been married for a while, your looks will fade..and then, you'll need to rely on conversation to help keep the marriage going. if you have a beautiful and stupid girl = absolutely useless in the long run.
  • I do hope so, cause that would leave more for me!
  • Some do, some don't, it's all about preference, something we're all allowed to have. I like to look at pretty women, but I like to be in the company of intelligent women, that's not to say they're different, I know many pretty women who are intelligent, and many not-so-pretty women who are as thick as pigshit, appearance is not an indication of intelligence, or lack thereof.
  • Not I...intelligent girls are few and far between...pretty girls are around every corner.
  • It is favorable to be both. But more importantly, is a girl's personality. It doesn't matter how good lookiing, smart, or rich you are, there needs to be the compatibility.
  • I'm pretty good at finding girls who are both. I consider myself lucky.
  • i think younger guys love beautiful girls and older guys love brainy girls. thats what it seems like. but it really depends if the guy knows what he's looking for.

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