• First, some background... I'm in the military and have been shot at. I have laughed many times at the sound of rifle fire in combat scenes. For the most part, it just doesn't sound real. When I was watching the D-Day scenes "Saving Private Ryan" (1998) I got extremely anxious, and then I realized it was because the combat sounds were so realistic that I was unconsciously worried about being shot. Hope this helps.
  • ... another vote for, "Saving Private Ryan" ...
  • Here's another answer... "Troma's War" (1988) has an intentionally hilarious scene where the hero walks through a clearing in the jungle firing a machine gun (with a 30 round magazine) killing hundreds of bad guys (who were attacking from all sides) without being shot or reloading once. It was both funny and sad, because it was done in such a way that one could never watch a Sly Stallone movie with a straight face again. Hope this helps.
  • No. I don't enjoy gun violence just for entertainment.
  • I've seen so many gunfight movies that I hardly care anymore. 😖
  • I've noticed that many times. Here's something else to look for - in some old west poker scenes, you may see them using currency that was never made until after the turn of the century.
  • In some movie theaters, people have an entire dialog with the movie actors.

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