• This is not Sharia law btw.
  • See how those ignorant people are and then they are allowed to come to America and spread their rapist ways and committ them and get by with it because the government says it is their way.
  • If i was a rapist id consider killing myself instead.
  • Either that or Israel and then cross the burder and rape every Palestinian woman and female child in sight. When I come back to Tel Aviv, I'd be given the Medal of Honor for it
  • Why not just move to Iraq instead? It's now a theocracy with Sharia law the top law of the land thanks to the US invasion.
  • No. I don't rape my wife!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nor do I want to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • You do realize that it was legal to rape your wife in this country for quite awhile? I think it has only been within the last 20 years that the final state did away with such laws. Sadly, we are not as "less chauvinistic" in this country as we like to pretend. Ironically, there are many islamic countries that have given women the right to vote long before the US did. I'm not saying islamic countries are a bastion of gender progressiveness, but we definitely need to evaluate our own glass house before throwing stones. besides, if you wanted to rape a woman and get away with it, just become a big enough celebrity and settle up out of court!
  • I will bet you that many many women have been "raped" by their husbands in this country. The women are too ashamed to talk about it. The men are too "macho" to think anything about it. They don't need to move anywhere...they rape in their own backyard and think it's "their right". :(

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