• cuz fat people are funny looking lol
  • For many it is genetic and they have a greater propensity to put on weight easily. I can't think of anything more cruel than to put down people who struggle with any physical or mental challenges!
  • Anything out of shape is fun to society whether it hurts someone or not!
  • At one time, obesity was a sign of wealth and prestige, because only the rich could afford to buy enough food to be fat. Today, cheap, empty calories are plentiful, and it's the healthy, high-fibre, fresh fruits and vegetables which are expensive. This means that the poor are massively disproportionately obese. The ridicule of the obese is really a form of class prejudice. Hate the fat, hate the poor, it's all the same evil.
  • It is NOT socially accepted by good normal people. The ones who make fun of obesity are just cruel, evil people
  • I would say that,in more cases than not,obesity is a lifestyle of improper eating habits.Eating processed foods is one way to quickly gain weight.Many diseases cannot be cured,obesity can with will power.I agree that that it is not good to publicly make fun of obesity,though it still is not socially acceptable.
  • Watch this.
  • Last I knew it was socially unacceptable to make fun of anyone for anything.
  • You've been talking about this all over the internet lately. Have you gained weight since I saw you last?
  • Because people are assholes and also because they assume that all fat people are lazy, when a lot of times it's because of some sort of body malfunction, or a medication, or a disease. I had a friend who was pretty much anorexic, without the losing weight part -- if she ate a sandwich, she would feel it was too much for the day, and with that style of eating the most she lost was ten pounds, and no more.

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