• Have you thought about seeking counseling or maybe calling a counseling hotline.
  • As the other answer suggested, try counseling. If your medication is not working, ask your doctor why, and maybe he could increase the prescription. Violet, weren't you commenting on what I said in the question"What is the first thing that pops into your head when somebody says love?"
  • Talk with people you know & trust about it. But, while we're here... Is there a source to the depression? How long has this been going on for? Do you exercise? Eat bananas, the chemicals in them promote happiness. Do you have someone to talk to? If no, see a psychologist. You could try another medication or talk with your psychiatrist about upping the dosage, presuming these are prescription medications. Is the depression in episodes or continuous?
  • Go to your best friend and cry your eyes and your heart out, tell them everything that is troubling you,holding it in is the worst thing. Write down the one thing that makes you smile/laugh/or want to live and stick it to the fridge, the bathroom mirror, and on your coffee jar, read it every day and realise you can get through this because you were not born depressed and will not stay that way. Here is a virtual hug from me.
  • I'm bipolar and here are a few things I do to help me feel better when I get depressed: I hum I wash the dishes I watch a comedy I take a walk I pet an animal I get therapy I talk to my doctor I talk to a friend I sit in the sun I take my medication as prescribed
  • I know how you feel... I am anti social also... I do go on my walks... It sometimes feels overwhelming... I feel your pain... I can't offer solutions but just know that I care and hope you can pull out of this soon...
  • hang in there Violet...
  • Not sure what to tell you, I drink a lot so I can sleep I hate it here anyway.
  • Hi Violet, would a hug help?
  • What does your dad or doctor say about it Just remember you have a lot of friends on AB to help you through you dark times!
  • Talk to your doctor and tell him/her that the meds aren't working, and that you want suggestions on how to feel better. Ask for different meds and for ideas on what to do when you get depressed.
  • I would return to your doctor and let him know what going on. I dont wont to sound religious but going to church and having them pray over you might help as well.
  • You are on overload! To much going on all at once! To many decisions to make. Your meds can only do so much. Don't worry that you are different from everyone else. Honey we all want to hide from time to time. The boyfriend? Awwwwwww, he expects you to be happy, and has needs of you too! You just don't have anymore to give right now. Make a list, what is 1 thing you can take care of? Do it! Then another, till your load is lighter. You'll be ok, maybe even walk outside in the back yard and take a deep breath. Take a bubble bath. Eat some very fattening ice cream!!! :):)

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