• Your local Ford dealership can reset the system for you. Then you can enter a new code.
  • you can look under the dash on the black box and the code is printed clearly on it
  • I just paid $13 on ebay to find it, but I will share for free :) Go to the passenger side and get under there and look up towards the side of the door but forward towards the headlight at the same time. Its on a big sticker that I could clearly see BOSCH on(in the picture I got it said Siemens security so look for both but it's a large sticker). I could see it thru a bunch of wires but couldn't quite read it especially since it was facing away from me. It wasn't up high but more towards the middle of all the wiring mess. I had my husband take off the glove box so we could stick in a light and better see the code. All this took was to squeeze the sides gently by each of the 2 hinges and off it came. The sticker has a ton of numbers on it but it's a larger set, and it's 5 digits. The only set of complete 5 digits we found, and it worked the first time I entered it. The guy I got it from is a mechanic with Ford, and it's there so look hard.
  • On the 2001 Eddie Bauer Expedition, the code can be found on a sticker on the computer module. To see the sticker and module you need to look at the steering column and off to your right if you are on your back, is a sticker with a five digit number in bold. There isn't any description or anything else other than the number.
  • the keyless entry code for a 2003 Expedition is on the passenger side just as "maryotnkrtch" said. It is hard to see but its there
  • Remove the glove box door (press the hinges in on both sides) Find your code in the back right of the compartment behind the mess of wires. It is in bold type and is 5 digits. It may be facing away from you. After you have the code go to the key pad and with the doors locked type it in to unlock. Then within 5 seconds press the 1/2 key and type in your new code up to 5 digits. If you make it longer like a phone number the last digit will unlatch the rear glass not just unlock it. So be careful. Very easy to do once you have the code.
  • its up above the emergency brake. its a tan colored box with a five digit code. that is the master code for your keyless entry.
  • I do not know if it is the same for a 2000 Navigator, but I just now less then 5 minutes found mine. It is located way up behind the emergency brake release handle under the dash. It is a 5 digit code and is on a off white or very light tan box. It does not say anything about keyless entry or keypad code. Get a flashlight and look up and toward the firewall of the vehicle and you should find it there. Hope this helps.

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