• Hear hear! I think that people who "don't agree" with gay marriage shouldn't marry a gay person. Other than that, they should keep silent and let the rest of us enjoy equal rights to the state-given legal status of marriage.
  • I completely agree with you 100%! I am a lesbian and personally I was very upset when Prop 8 passed here in California
  • Darling I agree with is not all americans. Some people are just a little more on the constipated side than others :o)
  • The worst thing ever legal would be gay marriage.
  • I'm not a US/American apologist, however, in this case I have to say that it's not all Americans, it's only the Religious Right (which is neither). They are the ones that want to control the world thru overpopulation, war, voodoo and by stopping progress and science - if let to their devices, they'll send us back to the Dark Ages again
  • Separation between church and state IS MANDATORY.... but don't tell the christians, they'll cry and claimed to be attacked.
  • I don't see the issue with gay marriage - preventing people from marrying doesn't suddenly make them straight! We have legal civil partnerships here in the UK and other than a bit of a fuss on the first day it was legal, it isn't a big debating topic. Legalising gay marriage is, in my opinion, helping in removing a little bit of the stigma that leave so many frightened to admit their sexuality - live and let live, just don't try to convert me ;0)
  • *LOL* maybe the answer is in the question - anal about gay marriage? that could be the answer Seriously though - in USA the church and state is seperated - there are no official links tying the state with the church - there is nothing to prevent non christians from gaining positions in politics, there is nothing which states that usa is a christian country. BUT - people are up in arms if anything goes against the bible, or if other religions seep in - well, except the jews - they seem to be "acceptable", and noone questions them! I cannot understand either why non christians are vilified in america, and considered evil, when there is nothing in your constitution which requires religious affiliation. All I can say is, it is mob rule!
  • Excellent question. Kudos on your insight. +++
  • okay I'll make it an answer: I'm a Christian straight who has no problem with gay marriage. anything that empowers you and makes you a better person for society achieves what I consider the main components of marriage. anything that beats you down even though you're as much as part of society as a straight person can only ultimately harm us all. I do get people who believe you need to take the Bible literally, even though I don't. what I DON'T get is all the hysterical anti-gay ranting that seems to indicate some psychological deficiency on the part of the ranter. I just wanna say, look at yourself! what's all this hatred REALLY about?
  • &gt;Separation of church and state should be manditory.< What ever gave you that idea? The First Amendment to the Constitution prohibits Congress from regulating religion (which they have done in spite of it.) It does not say, nor did it's authors intend, that the religious beliefs of Congress and the citizens should play no part in government. (A practical impossibility in any case, since all our decisions are based on our beliefs, including the religious ones. . Some who oppose gay marriage believe that it should be outlawed entirely. Many more of of believe that, while it is wrong (our opinion, don't get hot about it), that the choice is up to the individual. But that leagalizing it would place our stamp-of-approval on it, and that we cannot square with our conscience. . Perhaps a compromise could be reached classifying it as a partneship of some sort and granting such tax and other advantages as are currently afforded only to married couples. But to the best of my knowledge noone has seriously considered this approach to date. Perhaps they haven't though of it. Perhaps they are afrait it would be used to form partnerships with an unlimited number each of "husbands" and/or "wives".
  • I wish I knew why, in this day and age where we move forward in so many other ways, why the ultra-conservative, close-minded bigots make such a damn big issue of this. It has no bearing on them personally. No one is going to make them marry someone of the same gender. The world will not come to an end. They can rattle off all the lame, stereotyped b.s. they usually do, but when it comes right down to it, they don't want it because they hate us. Their having rights that we don't have, makes them feel superior.
  • Fear of "the other". Now, "the other" comes in different colors, different beliefs, different physical configurations. They are called scapegoats and the fearful band together and hold on tight to one another and do their best to eliminate "the other"..either with physical violence or verbal abuse. "By their acts ye shall know them". The racist/bigots among us are simply afraid. If "the other" succeeds and can live good lives, well, then, maybe the fearful will be forced to examine themselves and that is even scarier to them! :)

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