• some people work better when they have less free time and are a bit rushed, others don't work well under pressure. i preferred the semesters when i didn't have to work, but rather spent my time volunteering. it took away the "have to go to work" stress element.
  • I'm don't believe having a job will improve your grades. However, you may have to work by necessity to pay for college.
  • I dont think that the time would permit better grades, but if you had a job in your field, the pratical experience may help youtr understanding of the material presented in the classes.....
  • About the only way it would help improve grades is it would limit your time to be able to go out and possibly party. It is hard going to college and having a job especially a full-time one.
  • About grades...well...It doesn't really other than make you focus to get you're stuff in on time. What it does for your future: Responsibility Good Resume Work ethic A feeling of pride Self-satisfaction Those are all the plusses, here are the not so good things: No time for anything Exhaustion Depression Disgruntled attitude Loss of friends No college expiriences So, you choose but unless you need the money, make shool your full-time job.
  • depends on the person, but if you need more time to study i wouldnt have a job

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