• No, but if you need an excuse, go ahead.
  • has nothing to do with the other!!!! and masturbating is a PART of life, admit it or not; just don't let it become TOO big a part!!!!
  • Is there, perhaps, a confusion of cause and effect? The hormonal changes that cause beard growth might play a part in increasing the potential to masturbate. So a correlation might exist between early beard growth and early masturbation, later beard growth and later masturbation, but the correlation, if it exists, proves neither that beard growth causes masturbation nor that masturbation causes beard growth.
  • Nope..utterly no correlation whatsoever. I'll be 50 in July and if masturbation lead to beard growth I would be a bear by now.. I barely grow facial hair as is and I'm not gonna lie.. I've polished my apple quite a few times in my life. LOL

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