• Where do you live. I build rifles all the time. A 6.5-284 is not what everyone makes it out to be. It's a good target rifle, but lacks velocity neccessary to be flat shooting. The 140 and 142 grain Long range Sierra matchkings are just a little long for the 284 case and require seating down into the powder area, reducing velocity even more. I doubt you could get 2800 FPS with those projectiles. For a KNOWN target distance, the 6.5-284 is good, but the trajectory is very arched at 1000 yards. This means it lacks a flat shooting capbility to make hits at unknown ranges. Those projectiles mentioned will have 20 feet or more drop at 1000 yards fired from a 6.5-284 case propelling them. It's an accurate round, it just lacks the speed. The new trend in long range shooting is the sierra 107 grain matchking. I hbuilt a 6mm-06 that will rival many 30 cal. magnums and shoot flatter than many 7mm mags.

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