• No I don't think it is weird. I know women who works on their own cars and I would trust them as I would a man. +5
  • What the heck kind of question is that? Would you let a male nurse help you in the hospital, Or eat a femals chefs food. Arent we way way past gender specific occupations?
  • absolutely she will probably fix the problem with out trying to bs me!+3
  • A good mechanic is a good mechanic male or female and yes I would to any good mechanic male or female !
  • Yes I would if a person is trained I do not care what sex they are .I just want my car serviced. There is no reason why a female cannot do the job as well as a male if trained and interested. It is not weird.
  • I have never had a problem with female mechanics working on my car. Certified is certified.
  • Not at all weird.. There is nothing innate masculine about turning wrenches. I went to a school to learn body work and there was a drop dead gorgeous lady in the class and went on to own her own body shop.. She was a bit weird though in her own right LOL
  • No I don't. I've known a few and they were good at it. I think they have to be excellent to compete against men.
  • Well many men personify their automobiles as women, so a woman adjusting an males companion would be liberating her.
  • If she's got the skills as a good mechanic then I would let her work on my car.
  • no and yes
  • It's unusual but knowledge and ability is just that, no matter what hands do the work.
  • no, i don't think its weird, if you got skill, use it, don't care what others think ;)
  • Absolutely. no problem here. One changes the oil in my car every 7,000 miles. I worked an accident on the interstate one time. it involved an auto and a piggyback semi tractor/trailer. I was totally shocked when i asked for the driver of each vehicle. A short, petite small female stepped forward and handed me her CDL license. she stated she was driver of the Fed Ex piggyback. I got to tell you, this changed my whole attitude about females and vehicles. Like i said, no problem here.
  • No I dont think so. I would if she knew what she was doing and if I thought she was good at it. If not just like with a guy I would look for someone else to do it.
  • Wierd? No. Unique? Yes. I would definitely let a female mechanic work on my car. It would mean she defied the stereotypical role to do something she really liked and we usually do well when we are doing something we enjoy doing. Great question.
  • I have a great friend who works on cars, and she went to automotive school
  • weird no any day any time doesnt even have to be hot females are smarter i think when it comes to math and remembering ummm stuff probably be DR from guy's but its the truth i have female mechanics know what my problem is with vehichle sometimes soon as pull in most guys unless very experienced and know what they are doing just scratch head and end up costing me more but usually work on my own stuff anyways its only when im too stupid to figure it out that take to mechanics anyways lol
  • nope. im a girl, and i work on my car. (change tires, refill the windsheild wiper liquid etc... etc...) and my friends and parents let me work on their cars sometimes. of course id let a girl work on my car.
  • Sure it she know what she is doing I okay with that.
  • BOOOOOOOOOOO...I work on my car and find it easy and rewarding....I just replaced my break lines and front roaters are still good....just like the electrical work I do...easy...and basic plumbing....easy...Why do I do it all?...because I can't afford to pay someone else to do it. In a lot of ways I am glad I was forced to learn these makes me a well rounded person......
  • rock on. I am mechanicaly inclined but lack training, since I have always gotten along better with girls than guys it would be great to be able to work with you so I could learn. as long as you were not like the last female mechanic I knew who was obsessed about guys being intimidated by a girl who can fix cars (when the reality was noone liked her because she was a cranky angry psycho)
  • As a female technician myself I wouldn't say its weird, just uncommon. The motor industry, particularly at dealership level, is still very much a mans world and there are many people who won't trust you to work on their car simply because your female. It's just one of those things to overcome. Good luck with your mechanic career path should you choose to follow it!
  • It's not weird and yes I would let one work on my car. (If I had one)
  • Sure. Why not if she is qualified.

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