• some people like the milk in plastic bags because it is more conveint for them. We also have milk in jugs and cartons as well.
  • I think it's cheaper than the cartons or jugs.
  • Is milk sold in a different way in other countries? I'm so used to the milk bags that I haven't realized that other coutries do it differently. But we do have cartons for 1L and 2L. The bags are for 4L
  • Not every province using milk bags for their milk (as an OPTION). This packing was adopted to reduce waste and to reduce the resources needed to ship the product. Back in the 70s. Now it is becoming an 'issue' witht the environmentalists so there is pressure for it to change.
  • I don't know about Canada but I've seen it in Brazil. I can only guess inexpensive packaging.
  • It's sold in bags as its less packaging than a normal bottle and because of this its also cheaper to the shopper
  • I stumled upon this while doing a search for milk jug. Yes, they are changing the milk jug for among other things, carbon footprint reasons, but you should consider moving to milk sachets or bags as some might call them. Liquid Living has developed a new product that makes the use of sachets so easy without spilling a drop and the milk stays fresher longer. The developed tap instantly seals with the wall of a sachet and the dispenser is very user friendly to put in your fridge or to even mount on a wall.This will allow you to contribute to the environment by saving 75% plastic. Further, as the end consumer, you will save even more by buying sachets! See to see this milk jug solution.
  • They say it will cost less to produce.
  • The reasons are related to sanitation and environmental Issues.On top of which, I believe the milk companies must get some benefits because of lower costs both In the packaging materials themselves and the cost of shipping.
  • This is GAYYY
  • Is this like a bag in a box thing? In the US, a lot of our "fountain" drinks are BOB (bag in box). Could you provide a video of "milk in bags", because I am not quite sure of what you mean!
  • never heard of that
  • Because it's cheaper, eh.

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