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  • Not really. It is quite natural for you to feel that way. You should ask him why she texts him every day. What's she up to? It is good to let him know you are not happy about the fact that she contacts him so frequently.
  • No you are not over reacting. But you may be over estimating. You did not tell us how you KNOW he is not cheating. Office romances and infatuations are common. They may just be good friends. The texts should give you an indication. Observe other indications about his behavior. You need to get it sorted because he is not seeing you at your best, through no fault of yours. But he is seeing her at her best. Talk to him about your discomfort.
  • you're just trying to protect what's yours. there's nothing wrong with it. especially if it's your first boyfriend. :)
  • no, i don't think you're overreacting, it makes you feel uncomfortable and you're entitled to feel that way. I would feel exactly the same. it's a difficult situation though because you either have to a) put up with it or b) ask him to cool down the communication with her. it just depends how much it bothers you....
  • Take a hard look at your boyfriend, is this how life is going to be for you when you’re with him. How do you know he's not cheating. A good solid relationship is built on trusting each other. If you can’t have that, you have to let this idiot know. He know he's hurting you by getting texts by this girl, and he continues to throw this in your face. You don't need this, start doing things with other people, go bowling, out with the girls whatever. Don' nt include him. When he ask you why you're avoiding him, just tell him, you want to texts this girl at work, you might as well be with her instead of you. And mean it, you have to stay strong when you say this. Then go about what you planned on doing, without him. If he really likes you, he will try and make it up to you. But remember, flirting might just be in he’s blood or too immature to know the score.
  • put him a male chastity device and stop worrying

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