• I try to have a healthy lifestyle, and I'm hardly ever sick. so far so good.
  • Yes! +5
  • Yes, much healthier than I was 5 years ago. I'm keeping on top of that!
  • I am not making this up. Yesterday someone on here had one of those health quizzes. I took it and they said my time is up! I kid you not.
  • No as the years in the military took my health away. During my time in the military when you got sick you had to work anyway and was denied the right to go to the doctor. The military was not nice to women as I started out in the Women's Army Corps and then when we mixed the men really treated the women terrible. The upper ranks really put the hell on us women; well us women that were not ho's.
  • I am not healthy, always sick.
  • Yes I drink the high octane stuff!
  • well as a boxer as a non-drinker as a non-smoker I think so :-)
  • I'm nearly 71 years old. I'm a care giver to my s/o, who has late stage Alzheimer's disease. Although I have no symptoms of needing any medical care, I felt it was my responsibility to arrange for a complete physical...which I did last year. I have needed the services of a physician only three times in the past 30 years. I have smoked for 60 of my 70 years...heavily. I went through every test imaginable...stress, tread mill, pulmonary, name it. When the results came back the doctors could only shake their heads, particularly knowing how much I smoke and for all those years. One doctor summed it up by telling me not to change one thing that I'm doing! He said he couldn't explain it, except for good genes. I said "No!" and I pointed to the heavens. "He's got a job for me to do right now. When that job's finished, He'll take me out!" That's fine with me. So, for now, guess you could say I'm pretty healthy. :-) +5 [the first you've gotten on your question, btw! :-(]
  • Healthy(ish). I don't eat store bought, processed food packaged in flashy, colorful cellophane. I really should excersise more than I do.
  • On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the best I'ld give myself a 6.8 - graded on a curve, as in compared to others my age I would grade myself in the upper ten percent. Rating myself in relation to what I know I could do and don't I would say I am average. 5 points because they are worthless if hoarded.
  • Healthy yes, but a little out of shape maybe.
  • Yes!! definetly
  • No, not really.
  • Absolutely. I am almost never sick, I am extremely fit and strong, and all my tests during physicals are outstanding. However, I have obvious physical disabilities and people constantly me like I am sick or very delicate. In the hospital people almost always assume that I am a patient, particularly because I walk with crutches. How odd!

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