• Sorry,I don't go too much in personal with little known persons!
  • I work with some of my best we know a lot about each other. Not everyone knows about my life. They may know some aspects, but not a lot.
  • I reveal some details about my life outside work (they know I am single and a grandma, for instance), but I'm a private person and very few know details of my past.
  • I try not talk about it with new people I meet person to person, but it can be hard not to, people tend to ask about family your mom and dad, where are you from, your s/o and so on. People ask personal questions and talk about their own personal lives.
  • Depend on Person.
  • I think you will get very different opinions on this question. It depends on you and your personality. If you want a close bond to your coworkers it's okay to talk about personal issues. If you don't want to have a good relationship with them, then don't. I couldn't imagine the latter, we spend too many hours at work not to enjoy our co-workers. If you are in management, my advice is completly different- to a point!
  • Some things, yes but far from everything. Some things are simply none of their business. Mostly the details are very sketchy at best.

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