• No one person or entity created humans. Instead humans, like all living things, evolved over millions of years to get to be what they are today.
  • In religious terms, God. In biological terms, it is down to the theory of evolution. Humans developed over time from our primate ancestors into the humans we know today
    • Utkarsh Jha
      Well to answer this first you should you should understand the darwin theory. We people earlier assumed that god created the world. And it fits to the logic that how can something come out of nothing. But today modern science is proving it without any doubt that things can come out of nothing in the empty space. Read the amazing facts about the universe and god and you will get to know how the universe is working
  • Well, i dont believe we were 'created'. I believe in Charles Darwin's theory of evolution.
  • Jesus Christ. John chapter 1 teaches that Jesus is God and that He became flesh and dwelt among us. the Lord Jesus created all things. He created the heaven and the earth in six days and rested on the seventh. (see Genesis Ch.1) Thank you and God bless you!
    • Jenny Rizzo
      ReiSan, you cannot disprove the accuracy of the Bible. You can argue with it, but that's all you can do.
    • Thinker
      Reisan have you ever researched the Bible? Have you ever read any of the early Biblical histories? If not then your statement is without evidence and therefore meaningless.
    • OC Joe
      With the inclusion of advice for selling one's daughter into slavery, the treatment of slaves, and stoning to death adulterers, and, of course, God telling Arbraham to kill his son, the Bible has some seriously crazy stuff in it. Any source of information peppered with crazy nonsense is NOT reliable. That also encourages people to cherry pick what they like and dislike and to feel righteous about doing so.
    • Sandra Ursula
      My parents are Christians, so I was taken to church every Sunday from the time I was born, and as soon as I learned how to read well enough, I was told to read the Bible every day. Even when I was a child, I doubted it and soon realized it's only primitive fiction that has lots of serious contradictions and is ignorant about nature. The plot is ridiculous and makes no sense. There's lots of savagery in it too. A god wouldn't write such poor stuff. Thomas Jefferson told his nephew in a surviving letter to read the Bible as critically as he would any other book, and that would surely show him that God isn't real. Lots of intelligent people in history have known the Bible isn't true. I took a coursed in Bible History in college, and it showed the Bible isn't true. Lots of people have disproved the Bible. Believers don't want to read books that do disprove it. Look up Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris, Michael Martin, David Mills, etc. Such men disprove the Bible very well. I didn't need them, because I did it myself.
    • Archie Bunker
      All religions are based on faith. Because you don't have any, it doesn't mean that it's not there.
    • Jenny Rizzo
      Sandra Ursula, not one Bible contraction have you added in these comments. The historicity of the Bible is the question of the Bible's "acceptability as a history." This can be extended to the question of the Christian New Testament as an accurate record of the historical Jesus and the Apostolic Age. Many fields of study span the Bible and history; such fields range from archeology and astronomy to linguistics and comparative literature.
    • Jenny Rizzo
      Sandra Ursula, quote: "There's lots of savagery in it too." It certainly the Old Testament you are referring to. Keep in mind that the Israelites were surrounded by enemies. Deuteronomy 25:17-18 "Remember what Amalek did to you on the way as you came out of Egypt, 18 how he attacked you on the way when you were faint and weary, and cut off your tail, those who were lagging behind you, and he did not fear God." In the Old Testament, it was kill or be killed. What then do you expect?
  • The creator of humans is the one true living God. He is the infinite force behind all that we see and come to know He is not a fantasy, He is not myth. Just as man was given the freedom to create things for their necessity and luxury, God possessed the devine freedom to create humans and every natural things that we see. for further information please research the New kings James Bible. God bless you.
    • Jenny Rizzo
      ReiSan, the Bible says in John 10:34 that humans are gods.
    • Thinker
      Jenny you cannot take a verse out of context and claim it to be so. You need to read the entire chapter and even book to understand what is said.
    • Jenny Rizzo
      Thinker, John 10:34 is saying there are many gods, but one God. That is exactly what I added before some of my comments disappeared. The passage of John goes back to the book of Psalm to stay accurate. Psalm 82:6 "I said, You are gods, sons of the Most High, all of you;"
    • Texasescimo
      Jenny Rizzo is correct. The Bible shows that there are many gods (1Cor 8:5,6) such as the judges in Israel (John 10:34, Psalms 82:6), and Moses served as god to Aaron and Pharoah (Ex 4:16, Ex 7:1), but that the Father was the only true God. (John 17:3);%20John%2010:34-36;%20Psalms%2082:6;%20Ex%204:16;%20%20Ex%207:1;&version=9;16;77;47;15;
  • Anti-troll innoculation! I believe God was the creator.
    • Jenny Rizzo
      ReiSan, very funny. There is no such thing as a god with four heads and four arms.
    • Sandra Ursula
      There are lots of creator gods in different religion. There's no valid reason to prefer any one of them. None have any real evidence for them.
    • Archie Bunker
      Sandra, there's no real evidence of greed, either, yet we still believe in it. Can you point to "greed"? Can you show me a "greed"? Instead we take a bunch of ideas and concepts and put it all together and call it something else.
    • Jenny Rizzo
      Sandra Ursula, I lost you comments in my feedback. I'm glad I found them. Quote: "There's no valid reason to prefer any one of them." Of course there is a valid reason to choose from. How is love generated in our lives? The Apostle Paul says in 1 Timothy 1:5, "The aim of our charge is love that issues from a pure heart and a good conscience and a sincere faith." Faith for Paul is about dependence on Jesus. It's about radical affirmation of our neediness and Christ's sufficiency. It is the only means by which we receive help, hope, Salvation and satisfaction from God. From what other religious book will you hear this from?
  • Humans were not "created" that's impossible, they evolved.
  • Evolution...
  • God of course.
  • How many have seen an abandoned house? Does it stay the same or does it deteriorate? An Abandoned car eventually falls to pieces. If you were on another uninhabited planet and as you walked along you found a wrist watch laying on the ground how did it get there? What about all the parts etc. it took to make that watch? The design of that watch? What I am saying is something left alone rots and disappears, something made had to have a designer and someone with the intelligence to make say that watch. What about the tools to make the watch? Everything we use had some kind of intelligent design behind it; it just didn't happen. Look at this very planet we live on; it was precisely designed and placed so life could exist. We as humans are precisely designed. To me this all takes a designer someone of intelligence; call that intelligence a creator or God or by any other name and you come back to the same point ~~~ there had to be a designer of it all!
    • mushroom
      What was the point of burying fossil relics as well as valuable minerals and other resources, if they were all just placed there in a one-time act, but not meant to be taken "seriously"?
    • Sandra Ursula
      There's lots of flaws in this planet and in humans. If a designer was real, he'd be an amateur.
    • Archie Bunker
      Who says that they are flaws? That's a subjective term, Sandra.
  • Nature and brains.
  • There is no creator. Who created your creator? If the creator does not need a creator, then neither does the universe.
    • Jenny_Rizzo
      You need to check your spelling. What exactly are you trying to say? Or is your intention to troll around?
  • god was
  • God. (Genesis 1:27) The Bible describes mankind was created in the image of God. Jesus is the express image of the Father. And being a human being, it makes perfect sense how mankind is described in comparison to humans being members of a large group of animals known as mammals in the Evolution theory of Class Mammalia.
  • uThe Annunaki -if you're into the ancient astronaut theories. Else, God
  • BILLIONS of individuals have perused or heard what the Bible says in regards to the start of the universe. The 3,500-year-old record begins with the notable explanation: "before all else God made the sky and the earth."
    • Sandra Ursula
      71% of the world doesn't use the Bible. Your argument backfires on you. A few billion people have been Christians, but lots more haven't.
    • Jenny Rizzo
      Sandra Ursula, quote: "A few billion people have been Christians, but lots more haven't." Christianity is presently the largest religion of all with approximately 32.2% of the world's population.
  • In the beginning, there was nothing. Which exploded. That's what evolutionists have you believing. Religious folks will have you believe that some dude started it all.
    • Sandra Ursula
      Evolution doesn't say anything about the beginning of life or the universe. The Big Bang tells about the beginning of the present state of the universe, and it has variations. Abiogenesis tells about he beginning of life, and some of that has been recreated in labs.
    • Archie Bunker
      Yeah, but where did it all come from? The number of factors that had to come together for life to form, and impossible odds that that would actually boggles the mind.
    • Sandra Ursula
      The odds against gods are a lot more impossible. Read some science. The beginnings of life have been recreated in labs.
    • Archie Bunker
      And we knew what had to do where to do that. We knew when and how much of exactly what to add to start those basic together. The chance that it just happened randomly?? Unfathomable. Just look at the "Goldilocks Parameters" that are needed for life on Earth. It's not just 2 things that are needed, as Carl Sagan said back in '66. That list is now well over 200. And many of those 200 necessities have to be exact to support life. The galaxy has to be perfect shape, size and age. The location of the solar system within that galaxy has to be in the perfect location. The planet has to be within an absolute certain distance from it's star, which has to be a certain size, shape and age. The planet has to be a certain size and age to support any life. The atmosphere has to form at the right time with the right ingredients. The growth of the star and the growth of life has to be synchronized. Just looking at Earth, if you have too much direct light, you have too much greenhouse gases. That means no life. Not enough light? No life. Planet not tilted on the right axis? Temperatures would not be ideal life. If the Earth was just 2% either closer or farther away from the Sun, we'd have no water. Equals no life. If the earth spun just a little bit faster? It would be too fast and we'd all be blown away. Too slow? We'd cook. Or freeze. Moon not at the right distance? No tides. And if you look even further out in the solar system. What if there was no Jupiter and Saturn? Then we'd have been blown to smithereens by asteroids millennia ago. But since Jupiter pulls them away, we're good. And it only does that because it is the perfect size and the perfect distance away to make that happen. If one of "Godilocks Parameters" was off, just a little bit....the whole house of cards would crumble. Theoretical physicist Paul Davies, "...the appearance of design is overwhelming." Even Carl Sagan was not an atheist. He just had no evidence of a creator's existence. Even his widow said he was an agnostic. And even modern science agrees that the chances of being here, let alone with our mental capacities, those chances are damn close to zero. And even looking outside all that, you can go to how Kent Hovid explained it. (paraphrasing here) God is outside all of that. He is not subject to time, space or matter. (ALL which are needed) And ALL of those things had to come into existence, simultaneously for anything to exist. (Which, according to the Bible, God created all of those in the very first sentence.) In closing here, don't just limit yourself to a few people's opinions. Do your own research (as I do) and make up your own mind and your own faith (as I did). In short, I've read the science.
    • Archie Bunker
      Sandra, creating a single cell organism is "easy" compared to where that cell would have to go to become the guy looking in the microscope. After all, they just took a new chromosome and put it in another cell. A cell they didn't create on their own. Just sayin'.
  • Marduk according to ancient Babylonians. Brahma says the Hindus. Pan Gu says the Chinese. Izanami and Izanagi says the Japanese. Science doesn't need creators. Humans evolved from earlier primates. We have fossil records of that.
    • Jenny Rizzo
      Quote: "Science doesn't need creators." But scientists have a Creator. The key word to notice here is the preposition "through." Since God is a Spirit, His inner life reflects on what we refer to as "knowing and willing." For the essence of any spirit is to know and to will. Any time we utter a word to another or do a scientific research, we must first have some idea in our minds.
    • Jenny Rizzo
      Quote: "Humans evolved from earlier primates. We have fossil records of that." Not exactly. Man's excellence consists in the fact that God made him to His own image by giving him an intellectual soul, which raises him above "the beasts of the field."
  • Revelation 11:4 “11 “You are worthy, our God, to receive the glory and the honor and the power, because you created all things, and because of your will they came into existence and were created.”
  • God made man to fellowship with him, but God gave us a choice, and man broke fellowship by disobedience, that is where his son comes in, to restore the broken fellowship..
    • Sandra Ursula
      Some choice that is! I don't like Heaven or Hell, so give med hundreds of more choices than just two terrible ones.
    • Jenny Rizzo
      Sandra Ursula, you won't have much of a choice in the lake of fire in comparison to God's Kingdom. The Bible speaks of Heaven for his or her own, Those who have come to Jesus in faith are prepared and redeemed on Earth for their place in Heaven. Revelation 7:9 tells us that there will be a great multitude in Heaven that no one could number," all standing before the throne.
    • Rick Myres
      Yet another thumbs up with words Jenny my sister in Christ.
  • It was God through Jesus.
  • God created man from the dust of the ground called his name Adam. Then after Adam found no suitable partner among the animals and creatures, He put Adam into a deep sleep and removed one of his ribs and formed woman from that rib and called her name Eve.
  • arcticpup22
  • Jehovah God through Jesus Christ

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