• very good question eddy. =) i would have to say that its most likely because females are more willing to open up & tell people whats on their mind, versus males. if we think something is sweet, we'll say "awwww thts soooooo sweet!" and probaly talk about how cute/nice/sweet/etc we thought it was for the next half hour. =) if a male finds something sweet, their common response would be a head nod, and maybe, just maybe, a little smile. males & females just react differently to things. now for the laughing thing, i honestly dont know. maybe its not actually tht women as a whole are happier & laugh more, but just from what youve noticed we tend to laugh more..... men and women are different and we have different ways of expressing ourselves... women being more outspoken & men being more passive. i guess thats just how it is.... =D points points points! =) i liked this question. =)
  • Maybe its down to less

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