• I'm pretty sure you'll be fine. I don't know really if that's possible or not, but I wouldn't worry about it. If you really are afraid of it boiling your noodle get a cheap one off of e-bay or replace it if you have insurance.
  • you know you can get replacement screens? just google replacement lcd screens and you will find lots of sources for them. Alternatively, buy a cheap phone on ebay. Can I also add that you seem to be a little accident prone - *LOL* if it not the car breaking down, it is your phone - you need to be careful!!
  • What company do you have the phone with. Verizon will replace it for $50 if you don't have insurance.
  • You will be fine, the msot dangerous part about broken screens is cutting yourself (fingers or cheek) with the separated glass! no irregular waves will occur, nothing that will cause any harm to you will be emitted electronically from the device. You will be able to recognize if you antenna or connection is messed up basically by listening to how good the audio quality is, if its still solid you have no communication damages.

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