• I have not so far, Jimmy.
  • My credit card account was "transgressed" twice last month, but my bank took care of the bogus charges. One was from a casino I visited the month prior and the other case was from an on-line order I had made for a $3.50 CD that I was billed $77.50 for!
  • No but someone did manage to get access into my ebay account and change my e mail address and some personal data, i managed to get it stopped before it got to the stage of them stealing card details and paypal account access - ebay security was very helpful.
  • Yes and over a period of time I had close to $4000.00 stolen. Luckily my bank was able to reimburse every single penny, and they did it very quickly too!!! I love my bank!!!
  • I did. Alert company saved me.

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