• Well I believe that anyone can think what they like. If they want to believe their is no God then that's fine by me. If Muslims want to worship Allah that's fine by me. If people believe I believe in rubbish, then that's fine by me.
  • I think they are people. I dont think anything about a person because of what they believe or dont believe....EVERYTHING is subject to change. I think the devil is doing his job...It has nothing to do with the person.
  • I respect their right to believe/or not, it's their choice as my religion is my choice. :o)
  • I dont judge them. I dont try to force my beliefs on them, and I dont want them to try and force theirs on me.
  • Everyone has their right to their own belief, or lack of belief. I've always wondered though, what do atheists believe when a person dies?
  • Same I feel of anyone - they're no better nor worse than me. We all are different and we should all really just love each other - that's pretty much what Jesus' methods were. Sometimes Athiests can be a little closed-minded in my eyes - I know a few who think they invented the theory of Evolution because they watched a 20-minute BBC programme about Darwin. But then I've met more who are genuinely friendly, open minded and understand what Christianity is - a belief that is different from their own, not something to ridicule or denounce immediately.
  • I don't judge them either, or I only judge them when they claimed they went to church every week as a child and thus made an informed decision about religion but yet when you ask them questions they obviously went to church less then once a month.
  • I truly feel sorry for them. I feel compassion for them. I am perplexed as to how anyone could believe there can be a building with no builder or a painting with no artist. I think if they really cried out to God and asked Him to reveal Himself to them and then read the gospels or the book of John in the Bible and really wanted to know God, that God would reveal Himself thru Jesus Christ in due time. God says in the Bible several times that He is not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance. But that has to be the real desire of their heart-it cannot be forced. It is not a matter of argument but of faith. I can only pray that they would really have that longing to know God and the courage to pursue Him.
  • They're confused. I believe they're wrong, but I don't hate them, becaue I've been in there shoes. Faith isn't easy.
  • I do what I do best, and I pray for all:)
  • Believe in what you want. I don't give a shit. I know what I believe in.
  • All of the ones I have met, have been very angry people. Just pick any religious question here on AB and you will see what I mean. When you call them out for saying something that is offensive to Christians they scream "freedom of speech", but they want to ban any form of public worship. They are condescending, rude, insulting, and treat every body who doesn't believe like them to be morons and uneducated.The atheist's I have met seem obsessed with telling the world that there is no God, then get irate at people when they try to tell them about Jesus or God. They say, "If there is a God, then prove it' But if you say, Prove evolution or the Big bang" They say "the proof is on you, not us, we don't have to prove anything" double standard. I don't truly believe that they believe there is no God. Their anger and loud objections prove that to me. I don't believe in evolution, but I don't scream and cuss someone out when they say they do.You asked for my deep down honest feelings, there they are.
  • That it is sad that they reject the one who died for them.
  • Well...theres a loaded question! I am a "born again" Christian, who hates religion, hates labels and hates denominationalism! Can anyone become one with God, absolutely, but with that said I have to say that I believe that it is through the sacrifice of Jesus that we "become one with God" a belief in His death and resurrection. If a Muslim/Hindus can accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior then what does a label matter? although it is by labels that 'we' understand the differences in our beliefs If I can give an example: a baptist believes differently then a charismatic, and when asked what denomination are you? and one of these are given, the beliefs are clearly pointed out. Anyone can receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Its not about what you want to label yourself as. Its about a relationship with Jesus, not a bunch of rules & religious acts. Gaundi said:I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ. and If Christians would really live according to the teachings of Christ, as found in the Bible, all of India would be Christian today.
  • I don't understand that if you really don't believe there is a God to begin with, why you would spend so much time trying to convince others who do choose to believe in Him? What would be the consequence of spending your life feeling comforted by the thought of someone up there watching over for you, and thinking you will get to see your loved ones you've lost again. What possible good could atheists do for the world by convincing everyone there is ultimately no consequences for your actions? I mean yes there is prison, there are punishments here on Earth- but there is no guarantee that a wrongdoer will pay for his wrongdoings. If they don't want to believe in Christ I feel next to nothing about it, though I probably should feel more. But mostly I just don't understand them. Why make it a mission to prove there is no God?
  • 23Skidoo, may I ask you a question? You are an atheist. You believe there is no God. I see your questions and answers in these categories more than anyone else. I do not understand why you would use so much of your time- and if you don't believe in an afterlife you must feel your time here even more precious- telling people you don't believe in God. What are you trying to accomplish? Is being an atheist so much fun and you want to let everyone in on it? Do you just enjoy debating something that really isn't going to be settled? Is there something missing in your life and you just keep getting drawn here? Please explain this to me because I really don't get it.
  • I love Atheists. I personally think Atheists are people of great faith. They believe the entire wonderful universe came into being all by itself from the smallest subatomic particle to the most immense galaxy and from the amazing complexity of the human mind to the love between a mother and child. I find it much easier to believe that an all powerful and all loving God is behind it all. "To be an atheist requires an indefinitely greater measure of faith than to receive all the great truths which atheism would deny." (Joseph Addison) I do not have enough faith to be an Atheist. For more information, see the Catechism of the Catholic Church, sections 2123-2126: With love in Christ.
  • I love and respect everyones beliefs. As long as someone dont push their beliefs on me, I wont push mine on them. If we can respect each others ideas then things would be more peacefull. I am a Christian and always will be, and I have friends of all faiths and I respect their religions and they respect mine. I feel they are athesits because they either turned that way or its the way they prefer to believe.
  • An opinion is useless here, just pray.
  • in all honesty, i can sad that i feel sad for those whom are non believer's of the great Creator. It saddens me that the devil has managed to trick millions of people into thinking that God dosent exist. Yet when something tragic happens in their life, th 1st person they want to call on is .... Well u get the picture right? Unfortunately, some still wont accept or believe the truth until its too late to do so. I harbor no ill will towards them, i just think that their ways and judgements are great errors.
  • You see how ALL Christians are compasionate towards those who are without God in thier lives. We feel sorry for them and wish them no ill will but they constantly accuse us of the opposite. I wish they'd understand that we're not trying to force anything on them. We mean them well and want to help them to understand the truth to the questions they ask here on AB.

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