• The Core The ship was made from a fantasy metal which passivly converted heat into electricity and which pressure caused to become stronger. And it used "Ultrasonic Lasers" to swim through rock by liquifying it just before impact. Sound cannot be lased as light can, and even if it were possible an ultrasonic 'beam' would have to be tuned differently to effect different materials. It would not be effective against the myriad materials encountered in the earth's inner layers. And even if all that were to somehow work, using several small nuclear detonations inside the earth's core to restart its spin is inane sci-babble. It would take a much much larger amount of energy to affect a superheated high-pressure liquid-iron environment such as described at in the movie.
  • The Core, beyond a shadow of a doubt.
  • Also if you get the special edition DVD of Armageddon, there is a 2nd audio commentary track that has a NASA scientist on it who explains some of the real science possibilities that could be used/utilized in ways that feature in the movie - it is well worth listening too
  • I would think "The Core", but that part of "Armageddon" where Affleck and crew "jump" the canyon ... that was wwwaaaayyyyy out there, as far as actually being possible, as well as alot of other things. LoL!
  • Ha ha! They were both pretty dodgy but The Core was by far the worst. It was so gobsmackingly implausible it made the whole idea of the movie kinda stupid. I never bothered to watch it. Armaggedon at least had some plausibility about both the scenario (very plausible) and the solution...
  • There is a very entertaining site dealing with factual errors in physics in the movies. "The Core" holds the dubious honor of being the worst, but "Armageddon" is not far behind. "The Core is a "marvel". It has everything: common physics misconceptions, blatant misrepresentations of physical laws, a complete range of stereotypes, ridiculous feats of engineering, and pure fabrication of scientific "facts". The weighty or sad parts are so inane, they made us laugh out loud. The dialog, plot, and action are predictable, if not outright tedious. Yet, the bad physics provide nonstop surprises. It's the worst physics movie we've ever viewed. It's so bad, it's almost entertaining" You have to read the whole thing to do it justice. : )
  • *Sounding like Al Pacino yelling/urr acting* "BABY! I'M GOING WITH THE CORE!!!"

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