• I drove an hour one way for about five years. I don't think I'd willingly do it again though.
  • If the job was good enough I'd go 40 miles if I could also live in a nice rural place with a lot of acreage.
  • Thirty miles, MAX!
  • I commuted over 100 miles (one way) for a job while I was looking to relocate. But no city traffic. It only took me about and hour and twenty mins each way.
  • 1/2-3/4 hour from home. An hour, maybe, but it got to cover my expenses, including gas and vehicle maintenance.
  • I don't know, depends on traffic. I guess an hour and a half.
  • If it was a real good job... I would have no limit. Ie fly to Tokyo to do work.
  • i did a 72 mile round trip every day for 5 years then moved closer
  • One hour total travel time each work day
  • In my working days, I was a professional tourist. My job was all about commuting. In one trip alone I drove 3,000 miles one way (with a co-driver) and then a few days later, made the 3000 trip back home. I made this trip 3 times.
  • 30 minutes, tops!
  • This varies depending on the family situation. But I'm independent now so I could relocate or stay in a hotel/motel if the money was good enough.
  • Well...that depends on what you mean by "commute". Probably not more than 3 hours, as 6 hours out of my day driving would nearly eliminate any free time. If you count a "weekend commute" as commuting, then for a GOOD job I would weekend commute an 8 hour drive. Rent an apt or house or whatever near to the job. Drive in on a Sunday in the afternoon. Drive home immediately after work Friday. However: I wouldn't want such a situation to continue indefinitely. I'd want to get a home near the job ASAP, assuming the job was long-term.

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