• Newton?
  • Albert Einstein
  • Pythagoras
  • Which scientist or mathematician has been responsible for the most laws of science? ============ . Which poet has been responsible for the most beautiful poetries ?
  • I hope, but it looks as a hopelessly optimistic business. Nobody agree.
  • I found in this order: 1. Kirchhoff: 11 laws 2. Peano: 9 laws 3. Maxwell: 8 laws 4. Riemann: 7 laws I found here a list of scientific laws named after people: According to this list of laws (all of them are not called "laws" actually), some candidates would be: 1) Fermat: 3 laws Fermat's principle Fermat's last theorem Fermat's little theorem 2) Kepler: 3 laws Kepler's three laws of planetary motion 3) Kirchhoff: 11 laws Kirchhoff's circuit laws (2) Kirchhoff's law of thermal radiation Kirchhoff's equations (5) Kirchhoff's three laws of spectroscopy (3) 4) Maxwell: 8 laws Maxwell's equations (4) Maxwell relations (4 four most common Maxwell relations) 5) Newton: 5 laws Newton's law of cooling Newton's law of universal gravitation Newton's laws of motion (3) 6) Pareto: 4 laws (Economics) Pareto distribution Pareto efficiency Pareto index Pareto principle 7) Peano: 9 laws Peano axioms (9 axioms) 8) Riemann: 7 laws Riemann zeta function Riemann hypothesis Riemann integral Riemann lemma Riemannian manifold Riemann sphere Riemann theta function

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