• The Guinness Book of World Records lists John Wayne as playing the lead in 142 movies. Of course, outside of starring roles, many people have *appeared* in more movies, and it's also possible this figure has been beaten in India [which turns out more movies than Hollywood!].
  • I read over 10 years ago that Ned Beatty (a character actor), played in more films than anyone else. Don't know if he still holds the record.
  • we found that martin sheen has the most rolls ever with 206.
  • Roddy McDowall has been in 247 movies.. (he was Cornelius in the origonal 1968 movie: planet of the apes. (source:
  • Not possitive but I know Ron Jeremy has starred in 986 movies.
  • think christopher lee has done over 250 movies
  • Character Actor Charles Lane made 338 movies and John Wayne has made 171 movies, per IMDB.
  • Mel Blanc performed in 709 films, not including over 100 TV movies and video productions. He also had 81 uncredited voice parts in films.

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