• when you're being taken advantage of. its good to be assertive and defend yourself.
  • If that "anger" stimulates someone to right a wrong or injustice!
  • If it is used to promote somthing POSITIVE!! Example being Child Molestation, Child abduction. Sometimes you have to get angry enough to go and fight for the right of the Child, the innocent and unspoken child, that can't speak for themselves. +5 GREAT question!!
  • If it breeds against injustice
  • when you are angry and it drives you to do something positive in your life or someone elses
  • Yes, as well as hate and despise.
  • Some people are very perverse. It takes the negative emotion of anger to get them up off their butts to do something. In my opinion anger is always always clouds the intellect and makes clear thinking impossible. :)
  • For some, anger can be a motivator to cause change or result in a positive outcome. Example: Anger can cause competitiveness that can have a positive outcome to drive someone to be better or challenge themselves.
  • When it motivates a person to change things for the better. Anger is traditionally held as negative, I think because our society is afraid of it. I don't think of anger as either positive or negative - how we express anger is that part that can be good or bad. Anger all by itself, just like a gun or a screw-driver or a car, doesn't do anything until a human being takes control of it.
  • I call it a righteous anger. An anger against an injustice or wrong against a person or thing. Example: The anger against spousal or child abuse which participates laws and actions to address the wrongs against the persons is to me, righteous anger. It is an emotion which causes actions that are thought out and used to prevent the wrongs done to others. This righteous anger is not an explosion; it results in calculated actions.
  • In the 'ring' yo...

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