• I sometimes think the saying "it is better to travel than arrive" bears some truth. Like you say, sometimes it is the thought of the destination rather than be there itself.
  • I'm all about destination. The packing and traveling I don't like and the unpacking after the trip is over I also don't like. I don't travel well because I am a homebody. The only destination in which I interested is Honolulu 'cause my son lives there. In July we're going to visit him for 10 days..I will dislike getting ready and flying there and dislike flying home and unpacking and washing clothes and catching up on the mail, bills, etcetera. But being there will be wonderful! :) Happy Saturday! :)
  • Nothing I hate to travel because of how crowded it is everywhere.
  • I think it's the journey itself, because every place has it's own charm, if you enjoy it in a positive way, everything will be perfect.
  • Both. But, part of getting there or journey, is a big part of the fun. New places to see and eat on the way.
  • in an era where government is there to dock it when ship arrives,destinations come and is the chugging that i enjoy.
  • The whole process is interesting if it is a vacation :)
  • For me it is always about the thought... I live inside of my head... stimulate that and we are all good...
  • the journey when i travel with family and friends

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