• I believe all the evidence points to him being a heavy drinker. If he ever stopped, it's hard to see now. I wouldn't be surprised if he was a fan of Peruvian marching powder too. I would like him much better if he just came out and admitted it.
  • I have found that most senior politicians - presidents, prime ministers, etc. - age significantly while in office. It's a stressful job at the best of times and the stress shows in the face. They probably also suffer from sleep deprivation, being on call 24/7. Bush is also at least 8 years older now than he was when he came to national/international attention, so the haggard look could just be natural ageing. I have no comment on the strange behaviour - could you be more specific?
  • Stress can be aging ... it can also drive you to drink ... If Georgie boy was taking a sip ... it might explain a few things ... like how he makes so many bad decisions ...
  • I certainly do not know if he is drinking and i am sure that whomsoever replies to this question will only be speculating. Many factors including stress, age a person. Tony Blair has aged at a tremendous rate and i do not think he is known as a drinker
  • It has been suggested so, and with such tragically failed administration, he's probably trying to bury his head in booze again.
  • I think being in one of the most stressful jobs in the world would explain his haggard appearance. But he may be drinking again, that pretzel episode a while ago made me think he was back on the sauce.
  • i doubt he ever stopped.
  • He's an adult over the age of 21 who has every right in the world to enjoy an adult beverage or two if he wishes. How much do you think that the chain smoking Senator Obama drinks?
  • All Presidents look worse for wear when their time is up, it's the hardest job in the world..Now, couple that with the fact that he screwed everything up for 8 years, and he knows it, that would age you faster. maybe he's drinking to forget his mistakes:)

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