• Only if you let it be so.
  • Rome was mostly a slave harvesting empire. The majority of Romans were slaves to the elite... it was not like any society in existence today. (pdf)
  • Who exactly among historians has come to that conclusion about ancient Rome? Citation please? Because I was made to understand, in my history courses, that Rome fell for a variety of reasons mainly having to do with overzealous military expansionism. This is a companion myth to the "Greek civilization fell because they were too homosexual" tripe, also a completely ahistorical assertion that I have heard people make. If anything, the modern world has become a great deal more moral since that time, considering that it is now generally frowned upon to have slaves, rape and pillage your neighboring countries, etc. Large portions of the world are making the effort to respect the autonomy of women and not murder their citizens for being gay or having the wrong color skin. Not that tremendously immoral things do not take place constantly around the world, but we have made great strides since ancient times. Don't you think?
  • Rome fell because of immorality and growing greed and selfishnes. They took their empire and power for granted and they stopped training their army. As a result, invaders took their empire and plundered it.
  • Moral breakdown? Technically the Roman empire lasted for over a thousand years. Well after the "moral breakdown" occurred. No, Rome fell after Christianity got ahold of it.
  • In answer to the second part of your question about the effect that the moral breakdown has on modern day families, 2 Timothy 1-5 describes these as "critical times hard to deal with". These Holy Scriptures are describing what we see in society today. However, soon we will no longer experience death, mourning, outcry or pain according to what is written in the book of a Revelation 21:4.
  • Rome fell because they expanded faster than they could govern, and because Christianity put an end to the idea that the Roman Elite were gods to be worshipped.

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