• Gee the British Muslims should feel lucky to actually live in a country that has freedom of expression. I am proud of the Brits.
  • It wasn't what I would call a mob. Only two people were arrested.
  • Do you have a source for this ? I have heard nothing about it.
  • I have not heard of this at all.Were are your sources.Also Jerry Falwell protested funerals of returning soldiers from Iraq saying USA and was allowed to do so.
  • It wasn't up to the authorities; it was up to their government not to get that quagmire started in the first place. Don't do the crime if you can't do the time, I always say
  • Well if PTSD was fluent amongst the mental states of the troops, they are very fragile, despite their mechanical arms.
  • thing is, the english retaliaters in the crowd got arrested! even old age pensioners were wild with rage
  • If you are concerned about the returning troops, this type of absurd reception has been discussed. Their armor is on to the stupidity. It's unfortunate that the confronting thugs give good Muslims a bad name and reputation. It's also unfortunate that the media might be hyping it so...but it comes not unexpected from them.
  • These guys go face death and try to make a difference in the world and they got to come back to some whiny pricks instead of a thank you? They should kick those people out of the country for munity
  • No. Absolutely not. Those are brave lads and they fought for Britain. The protesters might have the right to protest, but the authorities have every right to keep them a certain distance from those boys.
  • send these muslims to Afghanistan so they can see for themselves who the real butcher and rapists are
  • They have to allow freedom of speech or be as bad as the hellholes those people's forefathers came from. Still, it's shameful and sickening.
  • Freedom of speech allows you to protest against things you don't agree with, whether it is your own personal way of thinking or not they still have the right to express their opinion in a free society.
  • Round them all up and give them the choice: become Brittish or get their ass back to camel land.

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