• If you are insured, and I am assuming that you are, it is YOUR insurance company that you should be dealing and communicating with. It is your insurance company's job to sort out the difficulties in dealing with the other party's company. If her insurance company is reluctant or refuses to pay and you don't have uninsured motorist coverage you may be up the creek but let YOUR company give you the bottom line.
  • If the accident was not your fault, the other parties insurance company is blowing smoke your way. having a suspended drivers license has nothing to do with who is at fault in the accident. I hope you have auto insurance. if so, your agent will handle this for you. If not, you will need an attorney.
  • Call YOUR insurance company and tell them what happened. They will deal with the other company. That's part of what you pay them for.
  • Who was at fault? Just becasue someone has a suspended license does not mean they are liable for the accident.
  • You are screwed! You are lucky you didnt go to jail for driving on a suspended license{like I did}.If you get in any type of accident when driving with a suspended license you are held accountable,because legally you were not supposed to be driving in the first place.
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      Just because you're not legally allowed to drive does NOT mean that the crash is your fault and it does not automatically mean that you're liable for any damages.
  • YOUR insurance rep should be handling all of this.
  • The other guy's insurance isn't going to pay. Liability (or who is at fault/negligent) needs to be determined. That has nothing to do with suspended lic, etc. If the liable party is not cooperative, your recourse is to sue the driver/owner of the vehicle, probably small clms court. BTW - Are you insured? collision coverage? If so, call your carrier asap.

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