• I believe Antonio Salieri was jealous of Mozart, for he was extremely envious of Mozart's work. Salieri was only a court composer, and Mozart on the other hand traveled the continent to play for other people. Salieri was also jealous that Mozart's father supported his love for music, as Saleiri's father did not. One event, Salieri tried showing his remarkable skill for music by writing a march for the arrival of Mozart to the Cathedral of Vienna, and afterwards, Mozart was asked if he cared to keep the copy of the script. Mozart replied that he didnt need it for it was all in his head, so he sat down to play the march and he did perfectly, while also adding several improvisions, making it a masterpiece. This made a fool of Salieri. There have been rumors that later in Salieri's life while being treated in an asylum, he admitted to killing Mozart. However, his two nurses both declined this notion stating he had never said this. Also, it is theoried by several scientista and historians that Mozart fell ill of Rhuematic Fever, associated with stomach troubles, most likely related to his obsessive drinking during his writing of the Requiem, of which he did not finish. Mozart stated several times that the Requiem was killing him, making him feel as if he were writing it for his own death. historically documented is Mozart's statement, "Salieri is poisoning me." in a letter to his father, although this is thought to be only figuritive speech. Also, Salieri may had admitted to killing Mozart but keep in mind that the man was elderly and somewhat senile, hint that he was being treated in an asylum.

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