• me at times my husband does take me for granted.
  • ummm maybe my willingness to forgive...and peope have taken advantage of that...but it really depends on how they hurt me...
  • If you got kids, the shorter list is what WASN'T!!!
  • My Generousity, my compassion, and my desire to want to help others ... Ok; I posted MORE than ONE thing. Sorry.
  • Keeping my body in good shape. I have to work hard for that.
  • Family! Everyone is so busy with work and making money with the recession. But family is what keeps me going. When it boils down to it I could be jobless living in a cardboard box, but I will always have my family!
  • Not really if you mean did I felt taken advantaged of. Sure there are times when I may have felt I was not appreciated to the extent that I may have wanted but as I rule I come to understand that I'm just going through a little "why does everybody hate me, nobody like me snit" - and I get over and move on. I try to be who I am and do what I do for myself as well as others. If something was enjoyed or appreciated by others great, if not; I still did it for me. I don't do, expecting thanks form others.
  • A steady income, but that's ok, in the end it was my decision to allow it.
  • Yes, people take my kindness for granted. Most likely myself, I am. But I don't worry about it, I move on. And am a better person for doing so :)
  • My good nature and willingness to help. Some people don't know when to say please or thank you.
  • My kindness - when I befriend someone, it's giving my all to them
  • Yes. My ability to work through things to ultimately find the cup is half full, not half empty. Doesn't get that way by magic! I don't mean having a positive view by ignoring reality. I'm talking about being firmly planted in the real world, but while acknowledging challenges (and putting strategies in place to deal with them) ... finding paths for HOPE while working through them. And thus .. net result is ability to carry on .. cup is half full vs half empty. But yes, have run into some "negative types" who definately take that for granted. Just because I'm generally a positive type, that doesn't mean I want that taken for granted or that excessive negativity from someone is thus somehow "ok" since "I'll come out ok" or "I'll make it ok for them". Instead, that can spell burnout.
  • Yes my family took for yrs that I could do all the hard work because I was young and strong, they wouldn't accept my heartdisease. I guess some people are that way.
  • Aside from me, family.
  • My tolerance.

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