• By myself. I have never liked crowds, and a crowd in a panic about dying is not my cup of tea. I would prefer to just sit quietly on my own and think about those who I loved if that was happening.
  • By myself. I'd be less of a target, and the crowd would probably make me panic.
  • I would rather be in a big crowd surrounded by my family and friends and we all get taken out at the same time.
  • Alone , I would not like the panic and noise that a large crowd would generate. I am pretty much a lone person anyway. I would rather wait quietly for the time to come to join my loved ones who have already gone ahead
  • by myself
  • By myself! Crowds panic like stampeding cattle and can get you killed fast. By yourself you can change your tactics and movements in a hurry which you'd have difficulty doing in a crowd.. Also members of a crowd in this type of situation can become an out of control mob very easily and that could be more dangerous than the attacking aliens!
  • I would say by myself in a fantastic hiding place if there were any chance of survival for the human race. I would say in a crowd if complete obliteration were imminent.
  • I would have to be at least with my husband. If anything like that ever happens, he's instructed to just shoot me in the head so I don't have to die painfully or be scared! He has a big list, and he's probably waiting impatiently for something like that to come around! lol
  • I would rather be in an isolated location.

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